Cast 07 – Lingering Questions

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Welcome to the new year, folks! The new decade! This was supposed to make it out in 2019 – with travel, work, and festivities, I forgot to post this article.

Oh well.

Anyway! Listen to some questions I have over approaching the twenties. I’m feeling especially confident right now, much more so than in the podcast. Give it a listen, and let me know what you’re aiming to do in 2020.

Talk with you more in a bit!

Goals Recap – December 2019

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December heralded the end of not just a tough year, but a decade.

Many things happened, including a few goals. I’m very comfortable in what all occurred because I have a mind of what’s required in 2020. (More on that later.)

Regardless, we do need to review what got done and what I let slip:

  1. Podcast
    1. Failed. I had podcasts ready for every Friday in December. However, between technical failures and my own forgetfulness to schedule their release, only 50% of the casts made it out in time.
      Into the future, I want to be more regular, though podcasting will fall from the position of priority it’s enjoyed for the last two months.
  2. Abridged TTRPG Modules
    1. Winning. I wrote an article on scaling back my game designs. Guess what I didn’t do? 😅
      I have multiple tabletop roleplaying games being polished right now. I’ll see about providing a sample soon for your potential play. Sound good?
  3. Shallow Seas 10K Words
    1. Failed. I did not make it. However, Shallow Seas and other stories will be top priorities in the next decade.
  4. Celebrate EOY
    1. Won! My end-of-year letter is written, I had loads of fun, and a smidgen of time was spent with some very important people in my life.

50%-ish success rate. Pretty bad, especially considering I backed off a bit. For December though, I don’t much care. Analyzing my 2019 and peering into the future, I’ve found more important things to concern myself about. Writing, property, financial milestones… I look forward to sharing not just January’s but 2020’s goals with you in a bit!

Cast 06 – Podcast Setup

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Both November and December have me podcasting. But how did I get here? What’s my setup like? All that an more are covered.

Gold Condenser Microphone Near Laptop Computer
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My voice acting teacher:

My virtual mentor, Gary V:

My Gear:

  • Q2U USB Microphone
  • Aokeo Pop Filter
  • Audacity

My Process:

  • Noise Removal
  • Normalize
  • Compressor
  • Equalization > Bass Boost
  • Equalization > Treble Boost
  • Limiter > Hard Limit
  • Normalize
  • Compressor
  • Trim and cut out breathing noises


December Goals Revisited

Hey, folks! After four hours wrestling with Audacity and an inexplicable series of crashes, I’m writing you a post. Boring!

We’re gathered here today to remember that we command our tools (ie goals, schedules), they don’t command us.

That clear? Cool 😎 Now that we have an understanding there, I’ve come to understand December needs some rehashing:

  1. Keep the Podcasting and EOY Goals
    1. Parties and seeing friends and remembering the year – check!
      Podcasting? Hopefully. I’ve really borked Audacity – by the time you read this post, I’ll have decided on my own what to do 😑
  2. Step Back the Modules
    1.  I had such aspirations to write three full games in the month of December… Oh well. Instead, you’ll see three mini-tabletop role playing games. A page for setting, a page for mechanics and characters, a page for phases of play, and a few pages for items and NPCs.
  3. Deescalate Shallow Seas
    1. “Great vague-booking, Jimmy! What the heck does that mean??”
      It means I’m down-scaling 40,000 words to write to 10,000. (40K would be about 80 hours of writing over three weeks at my 500 words / hr.) I’m also nixing the idea of a first draft – We’ll start at the beginning, but correctly this time.

I had a long rant for you about how tools and what we set out to do shouldn’t consume nor command us… how goals aren’t our tyrants – we’re our own masters yadda yadda ya…

It sounded better spoken. Maybe you’ll hear it someday if Audacity recovers 😁 Or I’m short on post ideas 😅

Whatever the case, take care! I’ll aim to get something cast-worthy your way soon ~

Monthly Goals – December 2019

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November was absolutely a stellar month. Though I failed at getting all my 2019 media posted online, my knowledge of RPG game design and moderating of tabletop games is ready to be exercised.

I also have a ready outline to tackle a story I’m already 40K words deep in, going under the project name “Shallow Seas“. After getting one of the best outlining methods ever seen in the Ring Theory / Ring Structure, I now know where this story and any others need to go. (That, and I finally decided on the final baddie for the heroes to slay!)

And let’s not forget the podcasting. Writing, recording, editing, and distributing a cast every week has not only been fun – it has seen the most interaction with an audience I’ve ever had for a regular publication (I’m ignoring interaction on my published games and modifications). For such a positive endeavor, one should keep it up, no?

So where does that leave us?

Well, December is not only the last month of the year, but the last one of the decade. That means a lot will be happening – parties, food, friends… you know the drill.

With that and how fulfilling November was, lets end this decade with a blast ~

My Goals Due EOM:

  1. Podcast
    1. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. If it’s working, don’t stop. Of course I will aim to improve quality, but for most folks, quantity and regularity is valued over quality. (And I need to put this mic to further use!)
  2. TTRPG Modules
    1. I made a rule system in November. Now it’s time to apply it: Three modules at least will be created using the rules, all of it ready for play.
      I’ll leverage two derived IPs and one unique: Star Wars, Mobile Suit Gundam, and my universe of Shallow Seas as a one-shot demonstration of the rules. (Maybe the Halo IP too, as it has an example of recharging health!)
  3. Shallow Seas Draft 1
    1. I’ve a solid outline, I’ve a solid character theme, I’ve added context to the fictional world, and I’ve written 40,000 words already. Can I finish a first draft of this book? Dang straight.
  4. Celebrate EOY
    1. How better to celebrate the turn of the calendar than with friends? I’ll go meet a few of them abroad while partying with a number who’ll come to Las Vegas.
      To keep those who I won’t see appraised of what’s going on, I’ll also craft my end-of-year letter, a useful review of the last 365 while reminding me of the Good and the people who made the time alive worth it and worth looking towards more.

How does that sound? To me, pretty good. December is going to be playful, purposeful, and productive. It’s exciting to think about what I get to share with you to cap off the decade as we go into 2020. I’m ready. What are you going to do?


Phone screen lock images from Yigit Koroglu, Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, and the National Archives Catalog.

Goals Recap – November 2019

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My November has been full of study, just the way I like it. Think we’ll need to redirect to creating more, studying less for December, though that’s another post 😉 Despite there being a week left, it’s Thanksgiving, so let’s get on with it:

  1. Podcast
    1. Won. A podcast every week talking about these goals has been absolutely fun. So much so, I think we can continue this into December 😁 Checkout cast 01 here.
  2. TTRPG
    1. Winning. Editing the system right now, though it still requires some example modules (or full games) that leverage these rules and will be distributed after this post.
      Overall, the greatest contributions of this goal are:

      1. The 4M Stats: Mind (mental ability), Muscle (physical ability), Machine (tool use), Maybe (optional stat for a narrative)
      2. Character squad mechanics
      3. Advancement through gear
      4. Game Master and Player prep shortcuts
  3. Redirect Shallow Seas
    1. Won! I used the Ring Theory / Ring Structure to re-outline my Shallow Seas universe. This wasn’t difficult after some study, though deciding on the Dragon (the big-bad thing the Heroes slay) required some serious thought.
  4. 2019 Pics
    1. Failed. Having only made it to March / April of all of my 2019 content, I merely did not get to posting every day, multiple times a day. Sigh.

Oh! And there was a fifth extra goal: Extra writing. This kinda happened, though it wasn’t writing fiction: It was writing scripts for podcasts, taking notes on how to make and direct tabletop role-playing games, and filling in RPG modules and rule systems.

So that was November. Fun. Now, we’re onto figuring out December’s role for my goals. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving, and a fine start into the last month of the decade! 😃

Cast 03 – Be Known

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This cast covers a recurring theme of November’s goals: Be known. I go into depth of what that means, why I’m doing it, and how you can do it too.

How are you known? Want to be known? I hope to learn from you, so please leave a comment!

Cheers until Thanksgiving ~

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