Jimmy Chattin

Greetings! Jimmy Chattin here, a professional senior software engineer. He’s also writing fiction, demoing his own tabletop game designs, and practicing voice overs.

His background in C# contributes to both himself as a self-starter and when guiding squads of junior developers. Being around people as a leader and as a top-rated Couchsurfing host, he’s discovered an empathetic craving to understand people (yes, that means you too), making him a great team player and an excellent confidant and adviser.

Jimmy’s natural creative side gets fed through writing short science fiction (space, robots) and horror stories (spooky!). He also dabbles in oration, his deep voice that has been described as “butter” (no, it wasn’t from reading that kind of stuff) providing an experience that even gives him chills. Some nights he’ll roll dice and scribble notes over some system or mechanic that might make tabletop games more enjoyable.

So far, Jimmy has been a top performer in just about everything he undertakes. Be it shipping games (Quantum Break being one), winning races (1:35 half-marathon), developing tools (others create more faster), saving patients (+300K due to an error during upgrade), eating spicy foods (you have no idea), or endearing himself to others (why, hello ~), he doesn’t just endure, but excels.

Jimmy is now in Las Vegas leading a team of remote software engineers. He’s looking for opportunities to practice his writing ability and voice overs – if you and he can help each other in this, reach out through his Contact page.

Find more on LinkedIn and Twitter. Cheers for now ~

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