Vladimir Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine

On Thursday morning, February 24th 2022, Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine began.

As Ukrainian President Zelenskyy asked, bloggers and many, many others need to speak up about the war in Ukraine.

Since silence is also siding with the aggressor, helps the oppressor, and encourages the tormentor, here I am.

Vladimir Putin’s saber no longer rattles as it has for weeks. Instead, Putin has drawn it and swung upon Ukraine.

This internationally condemned act is unjustified. It is a death knell for thousands and more Ukrainians and Russians based on the flimsy trappings of a dictator.

Russians are not to blame for this attack. The aristocracy – proven corrupt since the fall of the Berlin Wall – holds responsibility. Yet, it may be up to the Russian people to make a stand to stop the machinations of tyranny. Thus again, those who are not responsible will need to be the ones to pay the price – in funds and time and lives and more.

Will I bother putting links to confirm these conclusions? Listen to the statements, read the news reports coming from that side of Europe yourself.

I am out of patience for those ignorant of things.

Russia, the world watches as Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine carries on. Be mindful. Those who are not yet born will make conclusions of the actions and inactions of your leaders and yourselves. I will do what little I am able to ensure history judges correctly – what will you do?

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Jimmy Chattin

Processor of data, applier of patterns, maker of games and stories.

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