July August Goal Review

This’ll be a quick one since I took July “off” to rediscover how I spend my time.

July Goal Review

Feeling rested, but anxious to plan and set about my future.

I spent my time with:

Without “goals” per say, I continued to increase my net worth towards FIRE while making friends, staying fit, and writing about games.

As I head into August with a few goals, these are kept light while remembering July for what might happen without the accountability of goals on this blog.

August Goal Proposal

It’s mainly all trips. August will have me living in three states:

    1. New York City
      1. My first time, so this will take a week out of August. Goal here is to have a great time, gathering experiences and perhaps attract a friend or few.
    2. Minnesota
      1. A somber family event. Won’t say more other than I’ll be outside Minneapolis for a week.
    3. Las Vegas
      1. Returning “home!” Getting the fiddly details figured out as I write, but I have confidence it’ll be a rockin’ good time to be back in the desert 🤘
    4. Weekly BITS Revision
      1. So I don’t spend all of August travelling, I want to keep up the effort to get BITS out and exposed to the world. BITS has been a goal many times, so maybe keeping it updated by the week for public consumption will evolve BITS to a new level.

Tada! July was decently chill, though plans changed in big, unexpected ways, both welcome and regrettable.

The bright side of August is now much newness is coming! If you live in Vegas, let’s make mask-safe plans 😁 If you live outside of Vegas, let’s make plans anyway! Life is shorter than can be imagined.

What are you hitting up in August? Staying cool, I hope! Do your duty and we’ll visit soon. Cheers ~

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