April May Goal Review

How are you doing? Here’s me:

April Goal Review

April has been insane. A whirlwind. A trying time.

With some extra travel that resulted in a ruinous chest cold (cold, not COVID – took test), my misery made things sour both in my social and personal life. The sickness killed off more than my health. Spending days doing nothing but sleep and drugging myself enough to do a semblance of work at the day job, April has not seen much time spent doing anything else, much less attempting to “get my mojo back.”

Yet, all this has helped me take less for granted. I have learned further what “rest” can be. After I write this post, I will spend an afternoon with myself in some gentle breezes by blue water. Though sad, my future is much clearer now.

May Goal Proposal

  1. Death Walk
    1. I have taken these periodically since 2018 when a great friend and I had a teary conversation (tears all mine). Death Walks are incredibly important for putting things in order, so I will take one in May and get to acting on it.
  2. Plan June
    1. May is fairly flexible, yet I can begin major plans for June and even July. Visiting friends and family perhaps, getting major tasks scheduled. Though plans may turn out to be worthless, the planning will be invaluable!
  3. Seize May
    1. I have a unique opportunity to explore places far flung and see important friends long departed from. Like planning June, it is time to get it on the calendar to make up for lost time!
  4. Rest
    1. My time-tracking process had no equivalent entry for something like “smell the roses.” Now, days by the water, reading because I want to, and generally “chilling” – let me be no stranger to self care as I seek to forge a new self.

I think this feeling counts as “burn out.” So I take myself up by the shirt collar and give myself a good shake. Should I end up working on roleplaying games and writing in May? All the better – can count it as part of the Death Walk as I find out about myself.

You, take care. May be seeing a few of you very soon – cheers through then!

March April Goal Review

March Goal Review

  1. Settle In
    1. Won! Move made, though I lost the key to my storage πŸ˜‚ Glad I don’t need it for now! Exploring my new digs with abandon.
  2. 10 Write-Ahead Blogs
    1. Won! Blogs are on for the next two months 😁
  3. 4 More Gunslinger Improvements
    1. Failed. Did not touch on a single one of these. Feels like the time to do the “experience” and “settle” goals – how will I make this up???
  4. Travel Experience
    1. Won! And my-gosh did I win. Heck, I write this line over fish-n-chips that are 100% the famous English version. Going to need to pull back a minute on this as it took a lot of time πŸ˜…

April Goal Proposal

A break.

March needed a lot of time and took a lot of time and effort out of me, yet still landed a cool 75% completion rate – 75% when the tasks were already fairly ‘passive’ as goals go. As I write, I am… lethargic? Melancholic? Towards making up for the slippage in March or taking up new endeavors in April.

Maybe it is a seasonal thing – a little depressed under cold and windy clouds. Or burn out. Or perhaps April needs to serve as a platform for me to get my mojo back.

Whatever the case, I am taking April off, but will keep a log of what I do and how it makes me feel. That could prove useful soon πŸ™‚

All to your own goals! Cheers to them and your accomplishments here in April.

February March Goal Review

The 20s keep giving and giving. Birthday month misses on goals, invasions of Ukraine, jeezus. What is a guy supposed to write?

Sigh. Maybe we can get back on track what we can control.

February Goal Review

    1. Gunslinger Marketing Plan
      1. Won! After much research, there are only 4 options: Do it yourself; Hire it out; Get a publisher; Wait for having a critical mass of product or service (3-4 minimum). After careful consideration, I will be going for the latter – polish a bunch of projects into products, then airhorn all the goodies by hiring out the marketing process πŸ™‚
    2. 4 Gunslinger Improvements
      1. Won! Edits taken care of, art board made, and – replacing the blind reviews – I bought Affinity Publisher that allows me to make the game “pretty!” πŸ˜ƒ The layout needs some help though, so this will carry over to March…
    3. Blog SEO Improvements
      1. Failed. Inconclusive results from updating my tags, meta descriptions, and other tidbits about this website. I did get some organic pings while I was making the updates, but those fell off once the work was complete. Oh well πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
    4. Private Ambition
      1. Failed. Only got about half of some 16-points I wanted to accomplish. Pretty lame. Also demoralizing. So I pivot come March!
    5. (Bonus) 30 Minutes Social Media Daily
      1. Failed. But we won’t hold this bonus against the total πŸ˜‰ Only sporadic posts made for a pretty lame outcome for this bonus! Yet frequent posting is a great boon for traffic, so I must keep this goal in my back pocket.

March Goal Proposal

    1. Settle In
      1. Getting a change of scenery, so 1) close up old places, and 2) settle into new digs. (This is a goal that is ‘given’, though still helps track that my attentions will be divided in March.)
    2. 10 Write-Ahead Blogs
      1. Get some extra blogs together. Did this back in December, though held myself to a different standard. This time, I will count 10 blogs – whether they are typical (like this goal post) or unique, they will count towards this goal this time πŸ™‚
        1. Your thoughts: What would you like to see more of? BITS and RPG design, or work and finance takeaways? πŸ€”
    3. 4 More Gunslinger Improvements
      1. Seeing a finish line in another month if I can work on this RPG 🀞 Improvements: seek and implement layout help, make pre-generated characters, formalize future additions (things I will not work on now), and get 4 alpha reviews (in plain text or in a fancy layout, either works).
    4. Travel Experience
      1. Spying back up to goal #1, I am holding myself to get out / experience 4 new things a week in March. Life is too short to take for granted – I better not let me down in this!

50% completion? Yuck! Have to do better than that in March. But does it even matter?

Screw it. I will accomplish all that is within my power, contribute elsewhere where I can. Cheers.


You have heard of SMART goals – now is the time for MAST goals!


Remember SMART goals? Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound goals were and still appear to be all the rage.

Yet. YET. What kinds of goals are not already pointed to the overarching desires and ends? Sounds like those are just excuses for busy work 😐

Sounds like “Relevant” is also “redundant.”

After this realization, let us consider:


  • Measurable – Quantitative values that ->
  • Attainable – Are within a person’s or organization’s means that ->
  • Simple – Are as simple as possible (see Occam’s Razor) that ->
  • Timed – Are bound by a realistic chunk of time (4 hours, day, week, month, quarter, rarely anything more or less).

So long as the goal-of-goals is seen like an isle on the horizon or guiding star in the sky, MAST goals provide the propulsion to get to that destination. On the chaotic sea of Life, the self can be an orderly ship, the MASTs catching the winds of opportunity πŸ˜ƒ


If one cannot be honest enough with themselves enough to not distract themselves away from their ends, I am of a personal doubt anything will help an excuse-maker not make excuses.

Yet, ends make the means. If SMART can get the important things done, so be it.

However, might I stretch again with a counterproposal of MASTER goals?


  • Measurable (quantitative)
  • Attainable (means exist)
  • Specific (i.e. simple)
  • Timely (happens ‘soon’)
  • Effort (makes everything else easier or extinguished [i.e. no longer required])
  • Real (applies tangible results towards a grander goal)

Until personal impulses can be controlled, drives recognized, time and effort itself mastered, MASTER goals provide better questions than a SMART goal.

(Doesn’t calling something “SMART” sound fundamentally patronizing too?)

Whether using MASTs to reach an end or using MASTERs to keep on track, one thing is clear: SMART goals are old hat.

I encourage you to 1) figure yourself out and what drives you, 2) set goals, 3) use MASTER MAST techniques to cut out the chaff of possible goals, and 4) get after it 😎

Let me jump the gun and wish you the best getting after your own goals right after this article πŸ˜‰ Cheers to your coming accomplishments!

January February Goal Review

With some seriously lame news, my goals have been up in the air for this first month. As a positive: hard times make hard cuts to the chaff of life, so this review gives some newfound clarity!

January Goal Review

January was meant to start Q1 of 2022 in a hiatus for recovery.

Plans changed.

I have instead spent my time collecting a boatload of blog ideas from two years of journaling – expect more in the future!

For now, to February:

February Goal Proposal

    1. Gunslinger Marketing Plan
      1. Mentioned back in DecemberGunslinger in the West (WIP title) is, objectively, a solid game design. Now it needs to ‘get out there’ – do I need to hire someone to do this? This goal will find out.
    2. 4 Gunslinger Improvements
      1. From a list of next-steps: Explain the who+what+how of the game in the manual, get an art board, do some automatic edits / review of the manual, and, have a blind review of the relatively short ruleset.
    3. Blog SEO Improvements
      1. Keywords, tags, intros and outros … I was humbled lately when a stranger couldn’t find my proprietary rule system BITS. Gotta fix that, and the first place to start is this blog. Will be reviewing most everything I can!
    4. Private Ambition
      1. Some disrespect in December is encouraging me to find others who will better respect my abilities. Will not say more – just know this is on a 16-point scale of things to do in February.
    5. (Bonus) 30 Minutes Social Media Daily
      1. Something I will aim for but will be the first to cut (perhaps in favor of the marketing goal!). This was great community engagement when tried in 2021 – February may be the time to get back on that horse.

Goal-setting can be hard sometimes. Reviewing past failures and proposing new ways to publicly stumble is also tough. Yet, all this keeps us honest and moving forward.

Tell me about your 2022 thus far – I want to know what is going on in your world. Cheers to your February!

2022: Looking Forward

This was written some time ago with higher, more positive feels. With a very recent and personal loss, I am very appreciative of my past self.

That said, I now look for ways to make 2022 a more vivid year. Cheers -

Much like what I did at the end of 2021, here are the things I can look forward to in 2022:

Becoming Cyborg (Maybe!)

No details (yet?). As one of the first things in 2021 I will become a cyborg with mechanical (not just metal or plastic) parts. It will open up whole new vistas of physical and existential possibility, though in as much ought close a few too πŸ˜…

With a change in plans and COVID ruining a lot, I am not a robot yet nor am like to be anytime in the foreseeable future. With more pokes and prods, maybe? Still a little early to tell, but will let on should I get my upgrades 😎

Europe & Abroad

I have a credited ticket from a cancelled trip in 2020. Having gotten my booster and with a sincere hope the EU and other locales can get the pandemic in control regardless of whether I get to visit or not, if borders begin to open, I hope to be through them for a few months πŸ™‚

Publish Games

I sufficed a roadmap for BITS and BITS-adjacent games back in November. If I can be true to myself and focused (despite all else that goes on in the year), you will be seeing at least free and at-cost versions of one if not multiple games. Hope I can count on you to support when the time comes! 🎲🎲


The biggie of goals – Financial Independence. 2021 has been a ridiculous time of extravagant excess in salaries and markets. Will it hold up in 2022? If it does, I will hit a super-duper milestone, a game changer, a fundamentals shift in what I can consider for my life. Here’s to it 🀞

And here’s to so many other good things to come in 2022! Not as many things as last year, though perhaps these are finer foci for my attention. Or I’m just a bit more realistic and/or tired from the surprises and horrors that naΓ―ve me had no idea about in 2021 πŸ™ƒ


Remember: Despite what is seen online and in news and what we talk about on the daily, being alive right now (median and average) is literally the best it has ever been. Ever. Are there injustices and things needing to be better? Yes! That is realistic, to face the facts, so all facts must be appreciated.

Anyway. Do well, and may you feel well doing it 😊 Carpe omnia, folks. Cheers to the new year ~

December January Goal Review

How have you done? Get those deadlines met, projects set out for the next year? Take time to relax, review, and revel?

Hope so 🀞

On this last day of the year, my report of the last month and the one coming:

December Goal Review

    1. Gunslinger Next 4 Steps
      1. Won. After uncounted playtests, characters, battling, and difficulty levels are presentable. With a WIP title change of Gunslinger in the West, next is to look back at what this game needs!
    2. EOY Letter
      1. Won. Hard not to. It has been another intense year (looking at you, 2020 <_<), so let the record show my hot-take on it all πŸ”₯
    3. 10 Blog Posts
      1. Failed. Given these were supposed to be advance-posts for some time off coming up in 2022, the real total to write was 17 -I wrote 15 😐 Will go with the spirit of the goal rather than the letter for this one!
    4. Posts and Response Habit
      1. Won? I think? There were at least two days where I spent more time for a lack thereof the day before. However, I do feel Reddit is not the place to focus my efforts – source-tracking shows Facebook and Twitter are the uncontested drivers of content. Good to know πŸ‘

January Goal Proposal

I am undergoing some intensive personal work over the next quarter, a hiatus, a time-out. Thereby, my only goals need to be internally focused.

You won’t be left! The Goal Reviews (and Proposals) will continue. Those will have reports on how I am doing and a synopsis of anything I feel I ought share here πŸ™‚

While I take my hiatus, I can only wish you the best with your start to 2022.

Get your shots πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰ Get your goals set out. Get to it ~

Stay warm! Cheers to the new year!

Mork Borg – Part 4: A Reckoning

Start at the beginning, or jump to what’s been missed:

Part 1: Murder and Worms – Three from death-row scour the rooms and horrors of the buried den of the addictive Rotblack Sludge.

Part 2: Meat and Statues – The trio meet the ruler of the underground complex.

Part 3: Eyes and Ash – Lesdy inadvertently provides the last clue.

Endgame Summary

Over 4 hours of actual play, 3 well-powered characters controlled by 1 player survived by lucky rolls and ingenuity but barely.

There were 15 rooms, 9 Tier 2 enemies (guards and Lesdy; 2 damage, 2 HP, roll 9+ to attack or defend against them), 6 Tier 1 enemies (Lesdy’s aids and the strangling plants), 1 Tier 4 (Fletcher), and 1 uber-Tier Worm that was, sadly, never given the chance to eat a character 😒

Riches and weapons and some Rotblack Sludge were acquired too, but these things may not last long.

BITS Mechanic Changes

I will leave the details to be included in other posts as I continue to develop BITS.

Suffice to say:

    • I combined MB‘s attributes into BITS: Strength and Toughness (Body), Agility (Interaction), and Presence (Thought).
    • Enemies came in the 1-4 difficulty tiers of BITS which also account for their HP and damage.
    • Weapons fit into the BITS categories.
    • HP was limited to 10 for Cat, 6 for Bubble Guy, and 4 for Invisible. (Aiming for about 6.)
    • All random encounters and findings were either rolled for before the game or were pared down to a d6 roll table that fit on half a notecard.
      • Random tables:
        • Bookshelf (in the Library, if searched)
          1. Random Unclean Scroll
          2. Cloud of Dust, +1 IT tests of 30 minutes
          3. Incomprehensible Gibberish Book
          4. Uncontrollable Scream From Characters, -1 T tests until sleep
          5. T1 Knife “Nib”. Leaks ink.
          6. d6 Bag of Coin
        • Junk Search (lots of rubbish in the complex)
          1. Bony Dog Remains, ration for a day
          2. Black Stone Bracelet
          3. d3 Bag of Coin
          4. Urn w/ Fine Powder (roll 9+B or lose d6 HP)
          5. d6: 1-3 Sacred Scroll, 4-6 Small, Nipping Beetle
          6. T3 Crossbow w/ d6 Bolts
        • Corpse Search
          1. Nothing
          2. Bloody Agent Letter (Fletcher knows the characters are coming)
          3. Necklace of Teeth
          4. Hopeless Number of Spiders
          5. Rotblack
          6. d6 Bags of Coin
        • Encounters (only in 3 of the rooms)
          1. 4 T2 Guards
          2. T3 Bone Spider, Surprise, DAdv for 1 hr on successful attacks
          3. 2 T1 Starving Dogs
          4. Agent, starving, tortured. Can tell of the worm.
            (…the below happen only once each if at all…)
          5. T1 Lesdy Spy, gives ‘gift’ that teleports party to Lesdy
          6. Sagsobuth, sells poisons (6 damage, d4 uses), and tube of living wood (rewriting scroll inside); 10 damage split if attacked at all
    • Armor would reduce by 1 point to negate all damage of an attack. 0 for Armor sundered beyond use or as clothing.
    • Critical successes gave an extra action and were more likely on lower-difficulty obstacles.
    • Less of a mechanic, more of an ethic: Don’t include ‘children’ in the game. If someone or something is young, call it that: “youth.” There is virtually no need to ever include children in a game of violence and horror when other means to leave it to player imagination will do.

Impressions and What I Would Change

The game was great! I had so much fun being a first-time full-blown GM. Player C had a great time too, with special compliments to including low-key background music (sad violins) and rockin’ boss-fight beats (Smells Blood on loop).

The biggest piece of improvement feedback came for picking lowest rolls with disadvantage. Player C really did not like that, as even after the first roll all hope could be lost. A real heartbreaker, those!

I understand now that the characters were overpowered as they were able to proceed without caution and given lots of chances for lucky rolls. Further, I took a lot of time drawing the rooms on notecards that would then be a visual indication of what was happening; the map was invaluable, but the time spent certainly had its own value perhaps better spent.

After careful consideration, here is what I would change:

    1. Find a way to lessen or get away from map making without completely relying on the Theater of the Mind (everyone has to imagine where they are and what they see from the GM’s descriptions).
    2. Set player hit points to 2d6, or a generic human to default 6. Too much life allows carelessness and for games to drag on. That, and rebalance some natural weapons and powers (less damage and/or limited use, such as on the magical power Blink).
    3. Leave clues and keys out in a way that all but screams to a player “use me.”
    4. Make Specialties more prevalent. (They give advantage to certain actions and are used to replace ‘class’ in BITS.)
    5. Try something different with advantage and disadvantage. Instead of rolling twice and picking the highest/lowest value, other options: Pure +/- 2 to the roll value; lower/raise the difficulty of the roll; use the highest/lowest die of 2d6 twice; double the effect of any critical rolls; etc.

That’s about it!

Closing Thoughts

Mork Borg is a solid game system. However, I have my doubts about its world and definitely about its first adventure.

I turned what Fletcher was doing into a kingdom-wide problem (Rotblack as a drug) and made ash fall from the sky. How the mission is given to the characters and how Aldor gets handed off also got clarified. The world begins its end at the end of the first mission, not randomly on some day down the line.

As for BITS, I truly feel BITS made the system more straight forward, faster, and no less deadly (ignoring the extra powers I gave the player’s characters). Every conflict of interest is resolved with no more than 2d6, tables are reduced to a d6, random effects and character sheets exist on notecards, and the rest is left to improv.

Bam! First time as an established-game-system GM! First time with Mork Borg! First time giving BITS a full flex as a system and conversion!

I couldn’t be happier for all the fun had and all that was discovered along the way.

Now is the time to take these learnings for application to other BITS games and notes. (And to see if player C will continue their adventures in the current game’s ash-eaten world 😁)

What did you find when you played Mork Borg? Who survived the first dungeon delve? How have you improved your own TT RPG sessions after experiencing them firsthand?

Let me know all that and if you’d like to play in a game using BITS in near-literally any game world you have in mind. I am sure we could whip something up πŸ˜‰ Cheers to your dice rolls! 🎲🎲

Mork Borg – Part 3: Eyes and Ash

Read part 1 for a synopsis of the Mork Borg game, this story’s start, and part 2 for dangerous encounters:

Part 1: Murder and Worms – Three from death-row scour the rooms and horrors of the buried den of the addictive Rotblack Sludge.

Part 2: Meat and Statues – The trio meet the ruler of the underground complex.

Rude Awakening

Something twists and strangles.

The passed-out party awakes to bulbous plants using their roots to dig into skin, vines tangling around necks.

After the initial shock, it should be a cakewalk to snap apart weeds. Yet the first attempt fails. And the second! And…

Health falls. Struggling leads to naught as Invisible, the naturally lowest in health of the group, finally reaches zero hit points. He is on the verge of death, unless something, someone can save him.

Bubble Guy, in the nick-of-time, breaks their bonds. With a free action, Bubble Guy Blinks into the side of Invisible’s murderous creature, knocking it off the helpless companion.

Cat then escapes and together Cat and Bubble Guy pulp to mulch the plants most vile.

Getting Invisible awake again, he has a broken arm and is still on the brink of death. Cat stays with Invisible and purrs (a healing factor for others) while Bubble Guy Blinks rapidly through the complex to find… Anything at this point.

Desperation drives action now.

A woman (not Lesdy) is in Fletcher’s ‘workshop,’ the fires burnt out and Bubble Guy leaves unseen. Through the rooms and halls, bodies are where they were left, doors open where left ajar. However, in the grand dining hall, Lesdy and 2 other women are sitting at the massive table there. Bubble Guy is not so lucky this time and is seen before Blinking away.

Lesdy and the women leave down the dark corridor. Bubble Guy, thinking ahead, activates their Bubble power and follows.

Down the spring door Lesdy’s group climbs. Bubble Guy follows but at such haste, falls down the ladder in the dark and one-handed (the other sustaining the Bubble magic).

Bubble Guy suffers only lite damage from the fall. An aid to Lesdy is not so lucky. Caught between hard rock and the impenetrable Bubble field, momentum carries Guy into the aid, and they squished into stone.

After witnessing their kin’s death, Lesdy and the other woman make greater haste into the greenhouse, daggers drawn, watching their backs.

Lesdy ought to have watched her front.

Cat, hearing the commotion, jumps into a tree before jumping down onto these two returned with weapons out. Without mercy and without words exchanged, Cat slays Lesdy and her ilk.


The trio, now rejoined, searches the corpses for anything useful, as one does. On Lesdy is a pocket full of bleeding eyeballs – large, small, grey, green, blue, brown, utterly black.

Eureka! The characters understand these are eyes for the one-eyed statue they found before.

A short journey later, an eye from the pile gets settled in the stone-king’s socket. With a crack and crumble, the wall behind the characters falls apart, rolling into empty spots in the cobble as by some unseen will.

Within the dreary apartment before hidden is the sought Aldor. The spawn is starved, slightly maddened, desperate for Rotblack, and unwilling to leave.

After what they’ve been through, Cat, Bubble Guy, and Invisible give but few words before hauling the youth out. Muscling Aldor through the ravages of the complex, Aldor is unable to break free before being matched back to the locked surface gate to a welcoming party… of no-one.

No sound echoes through the falling ashes, no form breaks the smooth monotony of mounded char. As above, so below goes the grey waste endlessly.

The characters barely have time to shrug at each other and rattle the bars before a collection of dark coaches rumble through the drifts.

Sleeker steps out to welcome them and welcome back Aldor. The Shadow King’s favorite rants and rages all for naught as hulking, shapeless things of flickering smoke and shadow guide Aldor into a windowless carriage.

The return of any of the party, not to mention all three, was quite unexpected for Sleeker, especially when the first day waned. So much is the surprise, Sleeker can only give a gift in the moment of the trio’s lives. Should they want more, they perhaps could inquire at the Shadow Keep.

As Sleeker boards the last coach, it has little worry all of them may meet again. After all, the prisoners-turned-heroes-of-the-kingdom have managed to cheat death so far…

The End of Days

Left alone in the falling grey, the characters must delay any decision making once more as the second day passes and darkness begins to settle.

Above, the clouds part to a blacker-than-black sky, a void that touches at the very foundations of one’s soul. From the expanse fall legions of stars that sound like a million million screaming trumpets. Yet all this is forgotten as between the visions seen in the nothingness above and fundamental, undeniable feelings of despair, comes meaning, as prophesied in the holy Calendar of Nechrubel:


Divinity has ordained the end is nigh! Thus concludes one of the last days at the death of the world πŸ’€

By sword and fire and word and spell, Cat, Bubble Guy (formerly Untouchable), and Invisible managed to make it back onto the surface of their dying world…

… in time to see a herald sign of the end πŸ”₯πŸ€˜πŸ’€πŸ€˜πŸ”₯

Where will the party go next?

That is a story for another time πŸ™‚ What I can do is say to check back next week for Part 4: A Reckoning where I explore what worked (or not) and how that has affected the BITS system of tabletop roleplaying.

Big, big thanks to player C for being exquisite in roleplay, rolling, and patience as we got through a long and deadly adventure ~ Lots of fun in Rotblack Sludge!

See you next week! Cheers to your own dungeon delves πŸ‰

November December Goal Review

The year end is upon us! How has your American Thanksgiving holiday been? November has been cold and dark, but my personal work is staying strong.

A lot of the past month has been setup for the next. Let’s see what that looks like:

November Goal Review

    1. Give Thanks
      1. Won! EOY Letter drafted, journals from 2021 reviewed, some cool notes taken. Spending the holiday with some vaccinated family – feeling good πŸ¦ƒ
    2. Future of BITS
      1. Won! After a bunch of articles, videos, and reviews of other game manuals, I have a vision: A laid-out, reviewed, art-included, free- and for-sale version of a game. But which game? Well, for BITS, As Above, So Below and Gunslinger in the West are the two most-ready 🎲🎲 BITS of DnD and BITS of Mork Borg are also in the wings, but obvious IP concerns make their pursuit a no-go.
    3. Outings
      1. Won! Spending time with important others really made it for me πŸ™‚ Tasty food, new experiences, some important training 😎
    4. 5 km, 100 Pushes, 1 Pull
      1. Won! But oh boy, was this a reminder I have a heart. Taking two months off virtually all rigorous exercise really… puts things in perspective.

        Don’t take your health for granted, folks 😐

December Goal Proposal

    1. Gunslinger Next 4 Steps
      1. Goal #2 from last month. I’ve written the steps this game needs to take to get to publication, so I’ll pursue four of them this month: Self-edit and obvious updates; Create three Gunslingers; Put example characters in rules; and, Battle in an encounter.
    2. EOY Letter
      1. Time to wrap-up the year. My mailing list seems to get smaller and smaller, but perhaps that is because I’m focusing better on the best πŸ™‚
    3. 10 Blog Posts
      1. The big one. These are meant to be in reserve for 2022. Without going into detail, I’ll be glad I have taken the time! (However, I apologize in advance should they been a little leaner on content and more nice.)
    4. Posts and Response Habit
      1. Part of the “future of BITS,” I gotta get about my personal branding! First, I will be making a post about BITS a week on places like Twitter and Reddit (as I think about it, also Medium). Second, I spend 30 minutes a day responding to people’s questions on Reddit forums and Twitter threads.

So it begins!!

December comes quickly and will be over before you or I could even know.

Time to make such a short time count. Carpe omnia ~

Cheers to your chilly month upcoming!