’22 in the Rear View

Is writing a “year in review” in December too early? 🤔

My blog, my rules 🤷‍♂️

Let you and I look in the rear view, see what came to pass:

The Best of Plans

A year ago I took a look ahead and laid it all out. What came to pass (and what drifted on by) was a bit far afield:

Becoming Cyborg – Noted back in January that it did not happen, but nor did it happen through the year following. Been taking care of myself, though, so here is to your and my health moving ahead 🤞

Europe & Abroad – Made it! London for a month, and the gem of my heart Montenegro for two. I have written on going abroad, but other than some locales around the US, I stayed home the rest of the year.

Publish Games – I created multiple short-pages games (Gunslinger in The West, As Above, So Below, et. al) along with a module for ending the world (version for modern times), but nothing with formal art nor up for purchase 😦 Crossing that “release it” finish line is often tough when I work on my own projects – there is room for improvement on this part of my character >_>

FI – The party of 2021 could not last 🙃 With market downturns and layoffs, my nest egg is down (but much less than the market!). However, I just calculated I could take 5-10 years off in sabbatical. A relief, I might begin getting super-duper serious about publications or take a very long trip, but will always remain open to new work.

Stops Along the Way

Ends, Not Losses – Getting what could be perceived as ‘negative’ out of the way: Some folks are dealing with their own needs. Times with them were great – as things though go, people part and life goes on.

New Digs – Living with best friends in Vegas. =Great= company, plus living / visiting with many other friends and family in the US and abroad was such a breath of fresh air after 2020!

Game Running – Putting all of my study to practice, I am now the DM of two (0 to 2!) D&D groups. It is work, but it is a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see where the other players take things ❤

Overlanding – What peace it is to disappear into the wilderness, taking trails that don’t exist for 99.9% of the population. On such a trip I am reminded what little is needed to enjoy life, the boons of being self sufficient, the importance of quality companionship, and how empowering it is digging your own holes as the sun rise 😊

Fitness – The body is made in the kitchen. No longer supposed to be training to be a top performance athlete (re: the cyborg procedure), I still look =great= despite only going for walks, doing yoga, and sneaking in the occasional pushup. (Let me know if I should be sharing the deets 💪)

With that glimpse back, we bring eyes forward and a foot down to speed ahead. Check back next week for some plans / hopes / dreams(?) for 2023.

How has your year been? I want to hear – cheers to what comes ahead for you ~

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