November December Goal Review

The year end is upon us! How has your American Thanksgiving holiday been? November has been cold and dark, but my personal work is staying strong.

A lot of the past month has been setup for the next. Let’s see what that looks like:

November Goal Review

    1. Give Thanks
      1. Won! EOY Letter drafted, journals from 2021 reviewed, some cool notes taken. Spending the holiday with some vaccinated family – feeling good πŸ¦ƒ
    2. Future of BITS
      1. Won! After a bunch of articles, videos, and reviews of other game manuals, I have a vision: A laid-out, reviewed, art-included, free- and for-sale version of a game. But which game? Well, for BITS, As Above, So Below and Gunslinger in the West are the two most-ready 🎲🎲 BITS of DnD and BITS of Mork Borg are also in the wings, but obvious IP concerns make their pursuit a no-go.
    3. Outings
      1. Won! Spending time with important others really made it for me πŸ™‚ Tasty food, new experiences, some important training 😎
    4. 5 km, 100 Pushes, 1 Pull
      1. Won! But oh boy, was this a reminder I have a heart. Taking two months off virtually all rigorous exercise really… puts things in perspective.

        Don’t take your health for granted, folks 😐

December Goal Proposal

    1. Gunslinger Next 4 Steps
      1. Goal #2 from last month. I’ve written the steps this game needs to take to get to publication, so I’ll pursue four of them this month: Self-edit and obvious updates; Create three Gunslingers; Put example characters in rules; and, Battle in an encounter.
    2. EOY Letter
      1. Time to wrap-up the year. My mailing list seems to get smaller and smaller, but perhaps that is because I’m focusing better on the best πŸ™‚
    3. 10 Blog Posts
      1. The big one. These are meant to be in reserve for 2022. Without going into detail, I’ll be glad I have taken the time! (However, I apologize in advance should they been a little leaner on content and more nice.)
    4. Posts and Response Habit
      1. Part of the “future of BITS,” I gotta get about my personal branding! First, I will be making a post about BITS a week on places like Twitter and Reddit (as I think about it, also Medium). Second, I spend 30 minutes a day responding to people’s questions on Reddit forums and Twitter threads.

So it begins!!

December comes quickly and will be over before you or I could even know.

Time to make such a short time count. Carpe omnia ~

Cheers to your chilly month upcoming!

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