January February Goal Review

With some seriously lame news, my goals have been up in the air for this first month. As a positive: hard times make hard cuts to the chaff of life, so this review gives some newfound clarity!

January Goal Review

January was meant to start Q1 of 2022 in a hiatus for recovery.

Plans changed.

I have instead spent my time collecting a boatload of blog ideas from two years of journaling – expect more in the future!

For now, to February:

February Goal Proposal

  1. Gunslinger Marketing Plan
    1. Mentioned back in DecemberGunslinger in the West (WIP title) is, objectively, a solid game design. Now it needs to ‘get out there’ – do I need to hire someone to do this? This goal will find out.
  2. 4 Gunslinger Improvements
    1. From a list of next-steps: Explain the who+what+how of the game in the manual, get an art board, do some automatic edits / review of the manual, and, have a blind review of the relatively short ruleset.
  3. Blog SEO Improvements
    1. Keywords, tags, intros and outros … I was humbled lately when a stranger couldn’t find my proprietary rule system BITS. Gotta fix that, and the first place to start is this blog. Will be reviewing most everything I can!
  4. Private Ambition
    1. Some disrespect in December is encouraging me to find others who will better respect my abilities. Will not say more – just know this is on a 16-point scale of things to do in February.
  5. (Bonus) 30 Minutes Social Media Daily
    1. Something I will aim for but will be the first to cut (perhaps in favor of the marketing goal!). This was great community engagement when tried in 2021 – February may be the time to get back on that horse.

Goal-setting can be hard sometimes. Reviewing past failures and proposing new ways to publicly stumble is also tough. Yet, all this keeps us honest and moving forward.

Tell me about your 2022 thus far – I want to know what is going on in your world. Cheers to your February!

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