August September Goal Review

Over this year, I have had about an 85% completion rate on the 4 goals I set out to do each month.

While a humble accomplishment, I feel I could get even higher completion percentages by adding two more goals for a total of 6 each month, plus some more “bonuses” to carry on the momentum of each goal. Madness?

Let’s see. First, to August’s 4 goals:

August Goal Review

  1. Wedding
    1. Won! An excellent time. So much fun. Took about a week to accomplish before and after, but so glad I danced and dined and discussed topics of immense importance with the bride, groom, extended family, and so many friends ❤
  2. Unit Counters
    1. Won! All the Civil War units are drafted (have you been watching my Instagram stories for progress? @jimmychattin). I failed to get them in a stable state before August 9th (no bonus for this), but I also finished the sheets of neutral and status counters for the game. Won’t count this as bonus, but will pat myself on the back 😁
  3. 10 Blog Posts
    1. Won! Didn’t do the blogs I expected to, but what is done is done. Good content incoming through September and October. Follow to not miss a beat 😉
  4. 20 Hours Games / Selfcare
    1. Won! Didn’t think I would make it… Started reading game manuals to study/collect blog content to make up for things, and watching Disney+‘s Obi-Wan series helped a bunch. (Worthy show!)

September Goal Proposal

6 goals and bonus? LET’S GO!

  1. Update Gunslinger in The West Rules
    1. After the 1- and 2-pagers clarified what was required for a western game based in the BITS system, I am going after the wording and tables in the full rules.
    2. Bonus: Formalize a “future” list of features and 1-page expansions.
    3. Bonus: Update the showdown Belle’s Town in GiTW‘s full rules.
  2. Update As Above, So Below Rules
    1. As above, so below here for goal #2. Take my insights, apply them to the larger documents.
    2. Bonus: Formalize a “future” list of features and expansions.
    3. Bonus: Combine the many different chapters of As Above, So Below into a single document.
    4. Bonus: Add gameplay examples.
  3. All About Business
    1. I’ve tried doing my “own thing” before, with ‘meh’ levels of success. Past results will be no indication of future outcomes here 😉 Putting together a formal business plan and roadmap for positioning myself to sell things. Think I might go with Grey Library as the name – want to be a part of the focus group for that decision?
    2. Bonus: Create the business LLC – this’ll be best done through a lawyer’s help.
    3. Bonus: Create SOPs and templates for products and services – this is an eye to future scaling (if I wish to scale at all!).
    4. Bonus: Put up a ‘tip jar,’ Patreon, or my first product – if making a dollar, this bonus will be doubled!
    5. Note: Might also reach out for consultation (will count this part of the main goal’s process). If you know folks who started a business and are open for compensated consultation, reach out to me!
  4. Marathon War 1-Pager
    1. A WIP title, Marathon War will be my shot at bringing sci-fi super soldiers to BITS. Inspired by Bungie’s/343’s Halo series and the recent kick-behind DOOM games, this prototype I expect will be lots of fun! (And I will time how long this game takes to make – useful metrics!)
    2. Bonus: Create a 2-pager, much like I did with Gunslinger in The West and As Above, So Below, natural next steps of the prototype.
  5. 20 Hours of Leisure Study
    1. Same-ish goal, second month. Practice self-care which for me means to read, study, brainstorm, watch cool shows with cooler friends, and maybe game if lucky 🤞
  6. 20 Hours of Art
    1. It has been ages since I practiced my art. As a remarked and awarded artist in a past life, I have the means (stationary, a touch-screen computer), the purpose (filler art for my products), and the ambition to get back into such a cathartic, productive, and encouraging activity ~
    2. Note: Just received word that certain houses may be bought and jobs accepted, all mine and others. I reserve the right to put goal #6 last in priority and swappable with another goal should some of these events pan out!

On top of all the above, I will be getting back into a lite-yet-consistent workout regime (it has been a minute for some medical reasons). And perhaps starting a refreshed work schedule to go along with the business goal?

6 goals to complete, 9 bonus tasks. I am ready to mix it up this month – are you? Get after it – cheers through when we are back here again!

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