April May Goal Review

I knew April would be a tentative venture when I wrote the last review post, but I didn’t know it would go this far 👀

April Goal Review

  1. Taxes
    • Won! Really had no choice here 😅
  2. Code
    • Won! Won in a way that the spirit of the task was met in a big way that goes on to affect May. (I did not touch Java as I ought to have this month – no bonus here.)
  3. No-Do Daydream Day
    • Won! Barely. Took a few task-list-less days off. Still recorded what I did, yet only when I did them. These days always turned into some sort of productivity, yet going to count it! (Bonus completion of games or novel drafts did not make it – are computer games done for me?)
  4. 10 Blogs
    • Failed. 7/10. 10 blogs is a lot. I think I need to make these goals slightly less aggressive – say, 6? Thoughts for another day.
  5. Summer Plans
    • Won! Plans are already in motion. May cometh like a comet. Keep reading for more.
  6. Private (Personal)
    • Failed. Mainly for the summer plans, I am counting this one a failure as nothing is for free and my decisions have consequences 😶

Lastly, no bonus for the journaling audits. They will be undertaken with haste in May:

May Goal Proposal

Formally: Nada, nothing, zip.

Informally: I have a big location move and a new opportunity to ramp up on mid-May. Every and all resource is bent to the effort.

This outcome dictates how I will spend my summer, autumn, and even the winter and 2024. I may write more on it, I may not.

For now, take it that I am occupied, though aim to bring back a goals report in June 🙂

April was definitely “meh” in the numbers. This outcome came because multiple pivots needed to happen very quickly.

May is going to be risky. It is a big change. I welcome the challenge of capping downsides, accelerating upsides, and the chance to make new friends and quite possibly global impacts ❤

You doing all right? Wish I wrote less-vague posts? How is your May? I want to know – cheers to anything and everything you get after ~

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