March April Goal Review

I have been doing everything, everywhere, all at once (super fun movie, BTW). However, this timeline missed a few things:

March Goal Review

  1. Travel!
    • Won! And such travel. I spare you the details – suffice that it was quite nice despite that I paid much time in price 😅
  2. Code
    • Won! No bonuses this time, yet got my study in. (I really like this as a goal – perhaps we slate it as a regular thing? Will be sticking around for April!)
  3. 10 Hours Java
    • Failed. I did most of the learning, but not all. Yet, Java is so similar to C#, I started coding problems early. Count it as a win to learn Java, yet we stick by the letter of the law for this one.
  4. 10 Blogs
  5. Private (Professional)
    • Won! In a big way too. I might have more information to share as early as the first or second week of April!
  6. Private (Personal)
    • Won! Also in a big way. I am happy to be alive in this time of the world, content with who I have become and work with wonder at who I will be ❤

April Goal Proposal

  1. Taxes
    • TMI? Anyway, I am preparing for new tax concerns this year, so allocating not insignificant time to get this handled properly.
  2. Code
    • Copy/paste from last month: Back at it. Code for an hour for a week’s worth of days.
    • Bonus: Take on 3 easy and a medium problems in Java.
    • Bonus: Take a certification assessment.
  3. No-Do Daydream Day
    • Take Sundays as a no-TODO list day. Game or play or do something unproductive for the broader world.
    • Bonus: Complete a game or novel outline on these dreamy days.
  4. 10 Blogs
    • Trying again this month. I have the list from March, so will drive towards 3 blogs a week to come in on schedule.
  5. Summer Plans
    • Doing some talking, there are weddings, people, and countries to see. With the professional news that comes after this post, I can settle in on what my maneuverings will be in June, July, August, and on. Plans, folks!
  6. Private (Personal)
    • Another continuation from April. Now is not the time to pull such an investment of efforts.
  7. Bonus: Finish Journaling Audits
    • I journal. I keep track of things in other ways. Should my own time and productivity be so kind, I would like to do an audit to see what has been and where I am at! (Usually records some useful blog ideas, too!)

A humbling 67% on target. Now, it tracks with my historic 60-80% efficiency rate when doing work, so this may mean my goals are appropriate to push me, yet not so daunting as to be my undoing.

What do you think? Feel I didn’t do enough in March? Am I challenging myself thoroughly in April?

Give me your take. Regardless, may all you take on in April yield the best of the best dividends! Cheers to it~

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