Cast 19 – Virtual Mentors

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I am a multitude. A legion. I am a bit over everyone and everything that I’ve experienced.

Lego figurines from

Their intelligence, insight, and inspiration have made my life objectively better 😊

This is about those people and things that I continue to learn from every day, things that you too could could add to your squad of virtual intimates.

Here’s a short list of the living mentors I go to for guidance on the daily:

  • Gary VeeCEO, writer, speaker, inspirational hustler with more drive than you can shake a stick at and aspire to live up to.
    • Redact February 16 2022: After being told I work too much and learning about workaholism, I am attempting to recover by “being chill.” Gary is all about the work, meaning I have had to abstain from this former mentor for a few years now.
  • Tim Ferriss (a chat with Gary Vee) –  Writer, self-experimenter, professional life- and work-hacker; a nice balance to Gary.
  • Jocko Willink – Former Navy SEAL commander, writer, leadership consultant, tea maker, jujitsu artist, and master of getting after it.
  • Jordan Peterson (a chat with Jocko) – At times controversial Canadian psychologist, writer, and current cultural phenomenon.
    • Redact February 16 2022: While taking personal responsibility to be useful to society and ourselves, Dr. Peterson has devolved over the years to not be someone to live up to. Look elsewhere for a mentor.
  • Paula Pant – Financially independent Afford Anything host, humorist, and charming voice for what we don’t talk about in enough detail: money.

(Be sure to listen in for books and historical figures!)

I also highly recommend these folks:

Who do you already follow from on this list? Who are you adding? 🤔 Let me know who your mentors are – I want to learn from them too!

Cheers through next week.

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