Cast 18 – March April Goals

Download at home. (9m 17s)


It’s that time again 😁 In seriousness, March has been a rocker for the world. COVID-19 has shut down entire countries, killed tens-of-thousands, and forced millions more indoors indefinitely.

I have not been without impact myself, be it a sickness earlier in the month 😷 to now working from home like so many others. It’s affected my goals, too, for March, and brought a… clarity, to my thoughts.

Listen to the ‘cast for more info! As a reminder, my goals for March were:

  • Giving overtime at work
  • Property buying
  • Writing
  • Following yes-and-no lists

For April, we’re going to be taking it a little easier as we settle into this new WFH lifestyle 😶

Stay safe at home yourself! Leave a comment on how COVID-19 has affected you too.

Chat with you next week! Cheers!

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Jimmy Chattin

Processor of data, applier of patterns, maker of games and stories.

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