Cast 28 – May June Goals

Note: Due to the circumstance I’m in the middle of a rural community, a community abandoned by its state for a certain amount of infrastructure, this cast will not upload! Until further notice, I’m back to writing vs. speaking every Friday.

Howdy! Lots of firsts with this post:

  • First time writing a post in a month!
  • First post written while protests against police brutality are met with police brutality.
  • First time using WordPress Blocks 💀 (this is a learning curve…)

We’ll see how this goes… (Cheers to these efforts!)

Cast 27 – Most Impactful Board Games

Download for home. (7m 51s)

Yes, there are more excellent games out there than any of us have a lifetime to play, so we get what we get.

For me, there are a few board / card games that have redefined how I view design problems where it comes to pleasing “Game Feel“. Having many hours behind me with these titles, I am who I am:

Listen to the cast for more and the how and why they are on the list!

Cheers 🎲

Cast 26 – Most Impactful Video Games

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Yes, there are more excellent games out there than any of us have a lifetime to play, so we get what we get.

For me, these are a few of the video games that gave me the most, changing the course of who I am:

Listen to the cast for more and the how and why they are on the list!

Cheers 🎮

Cast 25 – Moment of Gratitude

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Wow!! This is my 25th cast already??? 😱 That’s really cool! Definitely grateful for that 😊 (Podcast 1 throwback!)

What are you grateful for? During the pandemic lock-down, an effort that is meant to save millions of lives, I feel the need to express my appreciation for a few things:

  1. Getting to know myself.
  2. Getting to know others close to me.
  3. Getting to relax.
  4. Getting to daydream.

There are more, though I’m guessing these you’re most likely to empathize with 😉 What would you add to the list?

Cast 24 – Motivation Under Stress

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Times are tough. That’s true for millions if not more. It’s likely true for you.

Out of all of it, keep this in mind:

You got this. You are strong. You are resilient. Others have survived immense struggles. You have too. You will again.

You got this. And for all the work you’re putting into each day, each hour, that’s awesome. You are awesome. You are incredibly capable.

You got this. You overcome obstacles rather than cower. Even the smallest hurdle will stop those of lesser ability. You are much more than that.

I look forward to hearing of your feats, but it may be dangerous to go alone – take this toolbox to help stress and decision making. Hit me up to share your accomplishments – I want to know them, grow from them, for that being shared would be generous indeed.

Cast 23 – April May Goals

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April was great! I learned what I do when I’m chill. May is all about applying that while on the road away from everyone. By the time you read this, I’ll already be away! (Don’t worry, podcasts will keep coming!)

The cast this week is a short one so give it a listen 😉

Cast 22 – Fewer Goals

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I tried big goals! Itty bitty goals. And a few in between.

Failed a lot along the way, too.

But what’s worked best for me? Listen in to the system I use for defining goals, and therefore, my life.

If you’ve tips and tricks for setting and achieving goals, drop a comment – I’ll owe you one!

Cast 21 – Tools to Face Uncertainty

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This is a long one. Listen – it’ll be worth it.

Have an announcement I’m leaving in the cast. But to help you, below are abridged bullets my notes on dealing with stress and making decisions when things are uncertain.

(Most of these tips come from my mentors, both virtual and live, so if anything here helps you, they will be of greater utility!)

Dealing With Stress

Stress pencil from

  1. Sleep.
  2. Eat (fats and proteins).
  3. Make lists.
  4. Meditate.
  5. Long walks.
  6. Visit nature.
  7. Intense exercise.
  8. Cut down the schedule.
  9. Remember and consume intense media.
  10. Discover minimally viable life.
  11. Days > years.
  12. Bonus not included in the cast: Cut down on stimulants. (Looking at you, coffee!) ☕

Making Decisions

Feet and arrows from

  1. Doing > planning.
  2. What do I enjoy more?
  3. What is required for me to feel satisfied?
  4. Will I be better for having done it?
  5. Am I living my best life? How can I?
  6. What do other people want more?
  7. What would I need to do if I was to die in three months? Six?
  8. What would the decision look like if it were easy?
  9. Make the decisions / choices simpler.
  10. 90/10 Principle (upgrade from the 80/20 Principle).
  11. Say “no” if I can’t give it a “HELL YES!”
  12. Say “no” if there are no next steps or long term benefits.
  13. Say “no” if I am considering this because of guilt or obligation with no merit for myself.
  14. What’s the worst possible failure? How can we mitigate that?
  15. What would I do if not afraid?
  16. Will worry help the outcome?
  17. What do I fear that lacks unrecoverable risk? 💀
  18. Does it tell a white truth?
  19. How close is this to my sought-for legacy?

Tell me, what are your strategies for dealing with stress? Techniques for making decisions? Comment – I and others could learn a lot from you!


Cast 20 – Living Mentors

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Last week’s cast talked about those I’ve never met though consult on a daily basis.

This week I thank a few people I who’ve had unimaginable impacts on my life, true role models to emulate.

Water droplet impact from

There are more of you out there, those that know not of this podcast, those that listen every week, more than I can count (or include in a <15 minute ‘cast!) – I adore you ❤ This is no slight to you, merely a recognition of the gifts others have made.

Such acts of gratitude are supposed to be cathartic, especially in times such as those we find ourselves in. I highly recommend you to try the same – come up with the role models in your life, living or dead, and listen to what they teach, watch what they do. They persevere – you will too 😊

Cheers ~

Cast 19 – Virtual Mentors

Download for home. (12m 53s)

I am a multitude. A legion. I am a bit over everyone and everything that I’ve experienced.

Lego figurines from

Their intelligence, insight, and inspiration have made my life objectively better 😊

This is about those people and things that I continue to learn from every day, things that you too could could add to your squad of virtual intimates.

Here’s a short list of the living mentors I go to for guidance on the daily:

  • Gary VeeCEO, writer, speaker, inspirational hustler with more drive than you can shake a stick at and aspire to live up to.
    • Redact February 16 2022: After being told I work too much and learning about workaholism, I am attempting to recover by “being chill.” Gary is all about the work, meaning I have had to abstain from this former mentor for a few years now.
  • Tim Ferriss (a chat with Gary Vee) –  Writer, self-experimenter, professional life- and work-hacker; a nice balance to Gary.
  • Jocko Willink – Former Navy SEAL commander, writer, leadership consultant, tea maker, jujitsu artist, and master of getting after it.
  • Jordan Peterson (a chat with Jocko) – At times controversial Canadian psychologist, writer, and current cultural phenomenon.
    • Redact February 16 2022: While taking personal responsibility to be useful to society and ourselves, Dr. Peterson has devolved over the years to not be someone to live up to. Look elsewhere for a mentor.
  • Paula Pant – Financially independent Afford Anything host, humorist, and charming voice for what we don’t talk about in enough detail: money.

(Be sure to listen in for books and historical figures!)

I also highly recommend these folks:

Who do you already follow from on this list? Who are you adding? 🤔 Let me know who your mentors are – I want to learn from them too!

Cheers through next week.