October November Goals

What. A. Week. What a month! What a year!

To business:

October Goal Review

      1. BITS Alpha Edits
        1. Won. The AASB guides are looking pretty good! Equipment is more concise while spellcasting cut the 120-spell balance-hell list, instead giving a “make your own spells” table and example spells from that previous uber-list.
      2. BITS Format and Principles
        1. Failed. I’ve started on the Design Guide for BITS that is home to the plethora of design decisions I’ve encountered and the choices I’ve had to make. However, that requires more attention, and thus the formatting with images of the other guides has been missed.
      3. BITS Beta Edits Tools Interviews!
        1. Won. Scrapped sending BITS out into the wild this month to instead spend quality time with C# and reacquaint with the interview process. The interviews went splendidly and have a direct impact on November’s work.
      4. Outline
        1. Won. Two outlines are complete! A third is underway! Now can I actually discipline myself to write these out? That’s… a question 😅

November Goal Proposal

      1. Truths Collection
        1. First up in November is going through all of my journals, skimming the items that seem to be steps towards capital-T Truth. This is a holdover from the outlines goal in October, yet should shed valuable light towards another book proposal of mine.
      2. EOY Setup
        1. Surprise! I’m ending my sabbatical and going back to tools in a position I’m sincerely excited about! To facilitate that, I’m still in Vegas WFH, but I need to plan how to get back to Vegas! So here’s to housing, travel scheduling, and all the necessary bits of going “back to the grind” 😎
      3. Vacation #1
        1. While I’m still out and about, I need to leverage the freedom of no work and no people. Will that find me in the Adirondacks? On the Appalachian Trail?
      4. Vacation #2
        1. Same as above as I have some three or so weeks between this post and when I’ll be prepping to settle back in Vegas. Yes, it’s not a here’s-a-product kind of “productive”, but I’ve talked before that breaks are really hard for me to take, so here’s my incentive to ~chill~.

Because of the drastic change in the next few weeks, I’m shelving goal requirements on my writing and game design projects. Yes, I’ll be working on game drafts, the BITS guides, and stories – you’ll get those as they arrive!

October stumbled from my streaks of 100% success – understandable, yet I will be getting back on the wagon.

Winter has come. So has another month that allows me a step towards accomplishment. I hope you and yours are safe and have your own endeavors in tow. Here’s to them and you! Cheers ~

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Jimmy Chattin

Processor of data, applier of patterns, maker of games and stories.

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