December January Goal Review

Happy New Year, folks! This will be quick – December wrapped up fast and I will make 2021 concise.

December Goal Review

In brief, I traveled across country, settled in, started my tools role, and my EOY letter is out. December for me has been a win 😎

January Goal Proposal

    1. Truths Organized
      1. Getting back to that “Truths” collection, it needs some bucketing into what will become sections and chapters.
    2. Truths Outlined
      1. I know that sequential, dependent goals can be problematic – I’m going to do it anyway 😐 Once the first goal has been accomplished, I can outline the order the “Truths” go in.
    3. Truths Draft 1
      1. Then I draft the collection! This is a big ask, yet I really want it done before February.
    4. Prey and Paper Book
      1. Because I drive too hard sometimes, here’s a more “chill” objective: Finish a playthrough of the excellent game Prey (gifted by an awesome human) and read through a paper book (I’ve two options in mind).

That’s that! Quick, right? I’ll start flexing my efforts in 2021 while I can. We’ll see how these goals shakeout while I ramp up at my new role, adjusting as necessary in February.

See you then! Cheers ~

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Jimmy Chattin

Processor of data, applier of patterns, maker of games and stories.

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