November December Goals Review

And we’re back!

Things are getting cold where I am in the American North East. Guess it’s about time to head back to warmer climates 😁 Let’s talk about that:

November Goal Review

    1. Truths Collection
      1. Won. A dozen journals, the magnificent tome that is Tribe of Mentors, and a few decades of experience has given me a collection of statements of seeming fact that provide a sketch of reality. Future plans include organizing these ideas into a book, a guide, for life. 
    2. EOY Setup
      1. Won. It has been weird with the longest, most pesky background check I’ve ever gone through. That hasn’t stopped me from gearing up to start mobile development work in December!
    3. Vacation #1
      1. Won. Went to the Adirondacks! It was terrible! But the trip was taken, so I’m marking this up.
    4. Vacation #2
      1. Failed. During “vacation #1,” a kidney kinda stopped functioning 😶 Totally bonked any other vacation plans. After two weeks of bedrest and a few healthcare visits, I seem to be on the up-and-up 😉

December Goal Proposal

I must be honest here: It’s been a heck-of-a-year and it isn’t over yet.

My time is going to be spent on tasks that either happen… or they catastrophically don’t 🤷‍♂️ To me, that is a copout for setting goals in December. So, instead, time will be given 100% towards these items in our final month:

    1. First, I’m traveling across the country back to Vegas! This will take about a week, more or less, as I’ll be casually meandering while staying away from people (sans safely getting fuel).
    2. Next, I’m settling back down in Vegas! This will generally involve your generic “moving in” issues. 
    3. After moving in, I’m starting work as a senior mobile game tools maker. Since I want to make a fine impression, this will have my attention for the last week-and-half of the year.
    4. Lastly, I’ll be reviewing the year as I’ve done for the last few. Picture gathering, letter writing, and outreach to some of the most important people in my life is a very important requirement for me.

75% accomplishment in November is disappointing, though I ripped through many a book and I rewrote a story outline I was having great trouble with.

As we look forward to December, I think it is about time for a bit of a rest without adding more pressure. As a recovering workaholic, I also encourage you to see about chilling in this holiday season 😊

Be well! We will converse again next week. Cheers in the meanwhile ~

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