January February Goal Review

January has been… an intense month. I was on the strong verge of giving up some of the goals to accommodate new events that have come up.

Instead, I wrote a collection of works expounding on the needs and lacks of certain Halo games, hiked every weekend, took on new tasks I may write about in the future, and fulfilled the original goals I set out to accomplish.

What will February bring? Does the next month hold the same?

January Goal Review

    1. Truths Organized
      1. Won. Messy, but I’ve a collection of the things that seem to be True (mind the capital “T”). Expect blog posts forthcoming about them!
    2. Truths Outlined
      1. Won. Going back and forth, I sufficed with the buckets “Suffering, Self, Stir, and Society.” They are very lopsided, with most points being in the “Self” and “Stir” (ie take action) buckets, so some reorganizing will have to happen.
    3. Truths Draft 1
      1. Won. It’s inadequate, but that’s what first drafts are for, right? With this goal complete, I have a book. Nifty. (May turn it into a card deck before then, or pair down to the most universal and solid “Truths.”)
    4. Prey and Paper Book
      1. Won. Prey is a great game and an absolute pleasure to play through – I’ll probably go again sometime! As for the book, I got through Sapiens and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, both by the critically acclaimed Yuval Noah Harari. Though they were audiobooks (not paper), the collective value these books represent to evaluating the human condition is without peer.
    5. Bonus Private Goal 1
      1. Won. I felt compelled to take some action, and for a week I followed through. Its success let to the next goal:
    6. Bonus Private Goal 2
      1. Won. This is possibly very useful future stuff, so its consequences are going to be tackled in February!

February Goal Proposal

    1. Truths Draft 2
      1. I’ve 47 truthy things. There’s some overlaps, some dichotomies, so the goal here is to remove those (make it more concise to 40? 30?). Luckily there are some very insightful people I may pass these through to help!
    2. Birthday Enjoyment
      1. Strange goal here, but I’m not to study or otherwise do things out of obligation to industry over my birthday weekend (starting end-of-day of this post). Perhaps a super-social-distance trip out to Death Valley will help me out here 😁
    3. Start Witcher 3
      1. As part of my work to ‘chill out’ more, I’m assigning 20 hours over the month to this acclaimed game (suggested by many friends). This is a moderate time allocation, since between 25 and 50 hours is the estimate to complete it 😅 (Bonus if I somehow do!)
    4. Private Goal
      1. My apologies for being so vague! Know though that I’m head-down even now on this task. If this pays off, there will be major life changes! Since it’s also a big goal and may expand to other fields

150% accomplishment in January! A stellar performance! Certainly a tough month, I think a big help was the permission to “chill” given in playing games and reading.

By the time of this post, I’ll already be deeply engaged with the private goal for February. Shortly after, my birthday will be started, so this is a big test of whether or not I can effectively ‘chill’ for a period of time. (Wish me luck with this!)

With that, I’m off! May you have a very fine start to your February and fine results for the efforts you put towards your own goals. Cheers, folks!

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Processor of data, applier of patterns, maker of games and stories.

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