10 Posts 2021

Like in 2020, there have been dozens of posts in 2021.

So many posts cover everything from rewriting the famous Halo video game franchise, my understanding of Truth in our lives and the universe, book reviews, game conversions, game making, new game systems, work, finances, the pandemic, and so, so much more.

I share with you my impressions of the most viewed posts of 2021:

10. Truths About Relationships

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this post struck a number of cords. Loudly.

I have had the opportunity and honor to experience many kinds of relationships from many different folks. I have also the privilege of being highly insightful of patterns. These are the things I have found that hold True for whoever, whenever, wherever, forever and ever.

Give this tenth-most-popular post a read – it will improve your current and future relationships (not to mention perhaps blunt a certain amount of pain).

9. Devaluing Your Worth

There are so many ways to screw up goals, self-worth, life… Devaluing the benefit of your own labor to others is certainly an all too common thing to do 😦

Read to understand your greatest obstacles to attaining what you are worth: Ignorance of your value, anchoring low, not shutting up, and you.

8. A Taste of Digital Nomadism

After two years of the COVID pandemic, I have a large amount of that flying under the social radar to experience life as a digital nomad.

My impressions, my insights, and more. Between the good and the bad of this kind of lifestyle, it might just be the one for you 😉

7. #PaidMe2021

A breakdown and normalization of my salary in 2021 (sans the flexible nitty-gritty of stocks, benefits, etc.). Since I am a Senior Software Engineer working for mobile games in Las Vegas, Nevada, this post helps normalize industry and position and cost-of-living to be the same (or at least relatable).

Knowledge is Power. Empower yourself with this post.

6. Pandemic America – Daily Bread

Not sure why this was so popular.

I talk about what was eaten since the Pandemic, its effects. A bit of slice of life ~

5. Truth: Attractiveness

Being attractive is universal in all things. From aesthetics to gravity, reality demands attractiveness.

This is a more complex topic than for this short blurb – arguably for the blog post too – though it should get you asking questions of yourself. And if you act on your responsibility to be attractive? All the better 🙂

4. The Importance of Putting Things in Order

Inspired by a “Death Walk” I take periodically, this post outlines the process.

Time required, subjects to think about, actions to take… Death Walks have defined my life since I started taking them three years ago.

While the Walks often (and likely ought) to bring tears and intense feelings, for me they have been some of the best pieces of clarity of my life. I hope you will find the same ❤

3. The 6-Point Story Structure of Halo

With the massive backlash against Halo 5 and Halo Infinite releasing late 2021, I gave my shot at fixing a series in trouble.

This post was the start, studying the fundamentals of the most successful Halo stories. Found a pattern, wrote about it 🙂

Now it is up to me to experience how Halo Infinite did!

2. The Value of Being a Professional

Tools and rationale I have been using for years. Part of a toolbox that has gained others and I hundreds-of-thousands of dollars over the years. How much more to come?

1. Lasers + Shields = Boom in Dune

Guess what movie came out this year? 😂

This post from May 2019 blew up like Dune did. As the most grounded real-life analysis of a sci-fi staple, the eyes on this post are well deserved.

Bonus: Most Viewed

With the Dune 2021 movie released this year, one of my first and one of my most nerdy posts takes the cake for most views this year. Lasers + Shields = Boom in Dune was written in 2019, but oh boy, did it turn my stats on their head 😅

Check it out! There’s some cool math there. (Spoiler: Dune explosions ought be huge.)

Check the tags, check other posts – I make ’em weekly.

Give me your favorites from this last year. Preferably, something other than mine so I can learn something too 😉 Cheers!

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