May June Goal Review

April was a mess, so May came to assist in getting me back on track.

Not only am I back on the tracks, I have a dopamine hit driving me to some feisty ambitions 🔥 The review:

May Goal Review

  1. Death Walk
    1. Won! Wrote some letters to be delivered if anything unexpected / unfortunate happens, along with figuring out that I really, really need to get to finishing some of my projects. I also got out of a… mismatched situation (I signed paperwork not to say more – just know it has let me be very much more relaxed!).
  2. Plan June
    1. Won! Doing some more traveling to visit fam in June while also restarting a work search (nothing too hectic, as I am fortunate to have some time already bought). Also in the process of getting some major work done on myself medically, so there is that to plan for!
  3. Seize May
    1. Won! Old castles, car trips, meeting new friends, being at the beach every day… My physical exploration has been solid. Intellectually, I have revisited creative projects of mine, letting me formalize plans that carry over into June.
  4. Rest
    1. Won! Quite literally stopped to smell the many roses with this one. Pet dogs, scratched cats, lingered on the water and sand of warm beaches… All qualitative – quantitatively, I spent 50% more time on leisure in May, so calling this a win 😁

June Goal Proposal

  1. Write 10 Blogs
    1. Only a month of blogs left written in advance. I might need more. Why? Because:
  2. Private Follow-up
    1. A private situation of mine that requires my full attention and dedication. It may actually blow half of June, all of July, and all of August away, so writing two months of blogs above is definitely called for 🙂
  3. Weekly Time Out
    1. Time to see the family! Time to see friends! At least once a week, guarantee social and personal time out, something unique and significant!
  4. Publish “Gunslinger in The West”
    1. GitW has been a long time coming – I won’t go hunting for the original blog post mentioning it, but it has rules written, play tested, and even a bit of formatting and artwork done. Time to get a copy (even if it is an artless free-to-play) out publicly. Let me be ambitious here – they say the first publication is always the hardest! So here is to more work getting out there to come!

Gosh! Feeling better already. May has been a blessing, it setting me up for success in June. I am about to get after it – how about you?

Cheers to your own reviews!

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