June July Goal Review

Lots of garbage happening in the US this last month. While my June goes out well, July and onward will see some work not recorded on the blog.

That said, a review of what I have some say in:

June Goal Review

  1. Write 10 Blogs
    1. Won! I have blogs for the next few months – so many, I now find myself having to plan which will come out when, trying to tie them together in some semblance of a theme >_>
  2. Private Follow-up
    1. Won! The follow-up did not conclude as I expected, but progress and a plan has been made. Appears I will be carrying on in Las Vegas!
  3. Weekly Time Out
    1. Failed. While getting out to see some good friends and catch up all around, I did not remain consistent with a bare-minimum get-out once a week 😦 Shame!
  4. Publish Gunslinger in The West
    1. Won! Done with the … do I want to call it “Gunslinger in The West Alpha?” Anyway, checkout last week’s post showing off the 1- and 2-pager (2-sides, 4-sides). There’s also a preview of the full version, it pending some formal formatting and art commissions.

July Goal Proposal

  1. To Vegas!
    1. Guess the vacation could not last forever. (I regret none of it.) Now back to Vegas to do some housekeeping, so this will give me plenty to do to settle in.
  2. Map Making
    1. Someone important to me has a =huge= historic battlefield map all drawn by hand. The goal here is to put pictures of that map into a digital format – either cleaned up or rendered digitally (which I have already sampled).
    2. Bonus: There are unit pieces also done by hand – I know how to make them into digital, printable versions 🙂
    3. Bonus: The map and units have a manual! As a bonus, apply my writing and game design knowledge towards this, rearranging and generally fill the role of an editor.
  3. As Above, So Below 1-Pager
    1. As Above, So Below has been on the shelf for awhile. It was my first unique application of BITS using Dungeons & Dragons as an inspirational base. While the reference was wrong, I feel confident I could condense dozens of pages of manual into a 1-pager of the necessary bits. (+Playtesting!)
    2. Bonus: Create a 2-pager, much like I did with Gunslinger in The West (which I feel is a better copy than the 1-pager).
    3. Bonus: It has been months – about time I updated the full version of this game with my evolving game design knowledge!
  4. Weekly Times Out
    1. I failed this in June, but with the goal of moving back to Vegas, going to take a crack at this again. Get out twice with others every week – this can be a digital meetup, so not too put upon here!

We look ahead, but never forget what has already come. May July be hot for you and I in feeling, action, and accomplishments. Until then, cheers.

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