January February Goal Review

January saw a lot happen, yet did it get done-done?

January Goal Review

  1. Outline LitRTS Short Story
    • Won! Coming in by the skin of my teeth. An outline exists for book one and a three-book arc (holding out for an arc over a trilogy of trilogies). Most of my writing time was dedicated to:
  2. 4 Black Library Plots
    • Won! And more! The Black Library submission window has been opened. I spent the month writing, analyzing, rewriting, editing, and narrowing down the plots I have to four solid stories, though now need to choose which to pursue for the February 11th due date!
  3. Mörk Borg Art Online
  4. Gunslinger in The West Layout
    • Failed. Meant to replace this with the AI goal below, I figured I ought not take away, but add to the goal list. Anyway:
  5. Voice Sample
    • Failed. I set up a voice recording station, wrote demo scripts (with some AI help), took multiple takes, did some lite editing, yet discovered an unpleasant background noise being picked up. I did not get around to solving that problem, so nothing more to say about this goal.
  6. Code
    • Won! Coded every day for a week and more.
    • Bonus: Read A Tour of C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup to brush up for some career talks.
  7. Addendum: 10 Hours AI
    • Won! I worked with ChatGPT out of fun, curiosity, piqued interest, and serious working application. You can read a transcript of the first hour or two of exploration here – can only recommend that you give the bot a shot!

February Goal Proposal

Spring Cleaning!

OK, Spring is a ways yet, but I had a dickens of a time coming up with challenging goals for February – just a bunch of finishing up and leisurely events 🤷‍♂️

So, in coordination with the advice of some pretty cool people (e.g. “enjoy your life”) and listening to the likes of Cal Newport and Glennon Doyle, I am going to be ~chill~ about this coming month.

But who am I if not a planner? A list maker?

Here be some of the things on-deck for my consideration that I know I will pursue, but in what order and to what degree… Not going to worry about that:

  1. Clean up social media saves (in batches of 40 saves).
  2. Post pics of adventures to social media again.
  3. Enjoy a backlog of audiobooks and manuals (looking at you, Cy_Borg and Warhammer 40K) purchased.
  4. Listen again to the books I keep around, recommend to others, and have been recommended to read.
  5. Write some blog posts (10?).
  6. Attend 3-4 concerts.
  7. Celebrate my birthday week with hangouts, hikes, and more 🎉
  8. Code for a week again to stay sharp.
  9. Submit to Black Library by February 11th! 😱
  10. Get a draft 0 of the LitRTS WIP in.
  11. More hiking!
  12. Try a phoneless day once a week, or more screen-less time during daylight hours.
  13. Like 12, but try a week (or a day a week) without making a todo list.
  14. Play more games (and finish ’em!). DM a new roleplaying group perhaps? 🤔
  15. Start brewing my own hot sauces from a holiday gift 🔥

86% with that bonus for January, 71% without. That was a good month to push through needle-moving tasks!

It has been a lot of work though. In truth, I am getting that mental weariness from a job well done, but only seeing more work to do – thus is the curse of hard work 😜

Just kidding (kinda) – I like having things to do. With February, March, AND April, I have a lot to look forward to, some good folks to spend that time with, and a bounty of opportunity at my feet.

Before you go, some recommended reading for your Friday heading into February:

  1. Truths About Relationships
  2. It Has Worked for Others: Relationship Success
  3. Need to Decide? Read This
  4. The Final Day – RPG Tool for the End Times

Cheers to your month ahead ~

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