December January Goal Review

After taking a break in November, December sought to move the needle a bit further. How did it go?

December Goal Review

  1. EOY Letter
  2. ‘Decline’ -cember
    • Won! Giving myself permission, I have been much more conscious of saying “no” to obligation or anything I am not a “hell yes” about. I like this about me, so I aim to keep it going as habit!
  3. Mörk Borg Art
    • Won! I made the thing – post coming soon. As for the bonus art material, no dice 🤷‍♂️
  4. 10 Blog Posts
    • Won! By the skin of my teeth (typing fingers?). Good for a few months yet, which will be important as I set my sights on other writing tasks.
  5. D&D +1
    • Won! Group #1 has committed war crimes, but is still going strong. Group #2 is ready to start – characters, expectations, etc., but we have decided to hit it full bore in January. Counting this as a win as my DM resources have grown considerably in preparation~
  6. Holidays
    • Won! Hung out with great folks. What more to say? Hope you had / are having a lovely time 🙂

January Goal Proposal

  1. Outline LitRTS Short Story
    • It has been an itch for a few weeks to write short stories again. Given some excellent LitRPG series I have been enjoying, why not a story based off of a real-time strategy game? Time I outline this sucker, get the ball rolling on my writing again 🙂
  2. 4 Black Library Plots
    • The Black Library publishing group is opening up submissions again early 2023 sometime. Goal here is to create 4 robust 100-word summary, 500-word sample submissions for the universe of Warhammer 40K. Going to start with 10 outlines, then 6 drafts, then 4 finals. Been awhile since this happened, so I am glad to throw my hat back in the ring!
  3. Mörk Borg Art Online
  4. Gunslinger in The West Layout
    • I have a full game to go along with the quick plays, so time I put the game into a print-ready format (or hire someone to do it). Placeholder art for now, yet:
    • Bonus: List needed art for GiTW and hire out!
  5. Voice Sample
    • Not a week goes by where a stranger does not comment on my voice and way of speaking. Having studied what it takes to do voice acting, might as well 1) script, read, and edit a narration sample, and 2) put it up somewhere for hire (ACX, perhaps?).
    • Bonus: Script, record, edit, and produce a commercial voiceover sample.
  6. Code
    • So my technical skills do not rust too much, spend a week doing code challenges every day under time.
    • Bonus: Read a C++ book to better polish my understanding.
    • Bonus: Figure out how to study and then study Angular (~10 hours).
    • Bonus: Spend 10 hours studying Machine Learning courses.

100% in December – not bad, not bad. The intent though is to push the envelope to have some chance (~15%) of failure.

Is January setting the bar high enough? I hope so. Lots of creativity, lots of production, and a little keeping up with my best day-job skills.

Regardless, cheers to 2023! I hope to witness all the accomplishments you are about to bring to bear 🖖

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