February March Goal Review

In a test of going without, a solid todo list deserted February. While tasks were not written, I continued to accomplish 💯 A review of those goals:

February Goal Review

Theme for February was “Spring Cleaning” – even without goals listed, I found much work for me to undertake. For example:

  1. Cleaned up Facebook saves.
  2. Cleaned up Reddit saves.
  3. Put up adventure pictures to Instagram (reminds others and myself that I do things).
  4. Read four big books on the backlog. (Checkout my post about James J. Sexton’s work – subscribe to catch the post on Glennon Doyle’s Untamed next week!)
  5. Attended concerts – much dancing and enjoyment had.
  6. Hiked a bunch – safe to say I am =fit=.
  7. BIG celebrations for my birthday.
  8. Coded every day for a week.
  9. Restarted some avenues of professional development my way.
  10. Submitted a book proposal to the Black Library!
  11. Brewed some hot sauces! 🔥

Also tried a few days of no todo lists, but missed opportunities to write more blog posts, go a few days without a phone, and playing video games to completion.

March Goal Proposal

  1. Travel!
    • Getting out again to Washington DC and New York this time. These are big ventures deserving of a time slot in March.
  2. Code
    • Back at it. Code for an hour for a week’s worth of days.
    • Bonus: Another week’s worth of coding!
    • Bonus: Take a certification assessment.
  3. 10 Hours Java
    • As it says. Spend 10 hours in March learning Java. YouTube and Leetcode easy-mode questions are going to be my friends here. (‘Bout time I picked up this language that has been so like my bread-and-butter C#!)
    • Bonus: 10 more hours, including at least 1 medium-difficulty Leetcode problem.
  4. 10 Blogs
    • That time again. I will figure out what these blogs are going to be later, but they will be written!
  5. Private (Professional)
    • A goal I’m setting for myself professionally. I feel it best to hold my cards close on this one, including the bonus that is in reserve here.
  6. Private (Personal)
    • Getting after it in other ways too. Will report back if I have made it 🤞

A mixed bag for February gave me the room to reassess and reapply my efforts to where and what I found important. I.e. Which needle has the most leverage? What moves that needle every day?

Great information. Remembering for later: two weeks of space is enough time to find myself 😁

How do you find and define what is important? I would enjoy hearing more, but if you need a push, checkout a small toolset for making decisions I wrote for you.

See you in March! Cheers ~

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Jimmy Chattin

Processor of data, applier of patterns, maker of games and stories.

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