Cast 08 – Monthly Goals – January 2020

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Phone lock screen images from Yigit Koroglu and Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team.


I had a meager month in December, though it was terribly fun 😍

In January, I aim to keep a bit of that pleasurable heat, siphoning off some of it for means of production that contribute to my Financial Independence goals.

To do that, I have not really concrete goals, per say, but a schedule to follow for the month of January.

My Goals Due EOM:

  1. Write
    1. 14 hours a week. Want to finish a novel by March, which has 336 hours set aside for goals. 14 or more hours a week gets me to the 160 to 226 hours necessary to finish the Shallow Seas first draft.
  2. Housing
    1. 7 hours per week. Never thought I’d own a home, but it’s the third most lucrative decision (retroactively) behind working a day job and endeavoring to monetize my writing.
  3. Private
    1. 2-3 hours a week will hopefully let me check a lot of boxes in my life. I may or may not tell you more, and more time may be allocated to this from other goals… Just know where my attention is and know it’ll be of objective benefit 😊
  4. Leisure
    1. 3.5 hours to 7 hours a week of games! Making games! Movies! Travel! These things must be planned for as they’ve slipped off the radar, though not necessarily for decent reasons.
      I’ve a shortlist of games and game designs to work on, as well as places to travel to in 2020. Whatever else gets added or removed, adding frivolous recoup time is my last goal for the month.

Am I too far off here? A lot of calculation has been done over the returns of these goals, all efforts feeding into my arch-goal of Financial Independence.

Let me know in comment what I’ve missed or misjudged. I value your perspective – you protect my blind spots! (You may notice podcasting is absent – that’s intentional. I’ll keep the casts up, though they will not be an excuse to skip out on higher-return efforts 😉)

Anyway, have a lovely month. I trust you are starting the decade off just right ~


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