Cast 10 – Goals Recap – January 2020

Download for the road. (5m 31s)

2001 - Cover
Phone lock screen images from Yigit Koroglu and Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team.

First month of the year is over, and what a ride it was. Out of what was expected for the month, things got out of hand quickly, though in largely good ways.

If you’ve not time for the audio, here’s a breakdown:

  1. Writing
    1. Failed. Only accomplished about 12 hours of my sought for 14 per week spent writing. Of course this could be counted as being leeched off into the Private Goal, but that feels like cheating, especially since I refactored writing podcast scripts to count as writing time. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Housing
    1. Won. Had to do a little mid-month refactoring (this was planned for) on this though. From 7 to 4 hours, I was able to hit this goal very well. I’m in the process of getting pre-approvals for loans – wish me well as I continue to seek property investments!
  3. Private Goal
    1. WON. Overwhelming success. Embarrassingly so, as I didn’t expect such things to happen to such extremes (+451% more time spent on this than planned for). It’s ongoing too, though I won’t be considering it a thing needing goal time.
  4. Leisure
    1. Won-ish. “-Ish” because this feels like a shallow victory 😑 No games played, not really any movies watched… I count reading before sleep a leisure activity, and that alone was able to hit the minimum 4 hours a week. (I’ll be more aggressive on such goals in the future!)

75%. Better than last month, though we can do better. Regardless, I’ve improved my life in the last 30-odd days ❤ How have you gotten closer to your goals? Let me know!

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