Cast 12 – Quick Table Top Role Playing Game – 1

Download for the road. (15m 2s)

When’s the last time you played a tabletop role playing game? A TTRPG? 🤔

How much time did it take to play? How much time did it take to prepare? Do you know? What did the dungeon master do to start the game? Did you feel left out? Did you feel it was slow?

When did you pull out your phone? 🤳🏻

Games can take awhile. long while. 😱

After listening to the concerns of my friends who regularly play and hundreds of hours studying what makes role playing games both fun and terrible, I’ve come up with something quick, simple:

Preview of the Quick TTRPG ruleset.

Meant to be printed front to back on a single page, the Quick TTRPG means to accommodate for two styles of play (Action, Role Play), the roles of every participant (Player, Game Moderator), dice rules (two six-sided), stats (4M System), and the tools used in a game.

Further resources include random tables for both game setup, character creation, treasure, missions, and the Bad Things that happen.

And now, the second half of the review is up! Check it out for some freebies.

I look forward to your thoughts  – please give the casts a listen and the ruleset a glance. Send me your comments to assist in making better games 🙂

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Jimmy Chattin

Processor of data, applier of patterns, maker of games and stories.

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