Cast 11 – Monthly Goals – February 2020

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February has started with full force! After a humming-and-hawing January, I aim to get after my goals with a vengeance.

But what are my goals? As a reminder, my overarching goal at this stage of life is Financial Independence. To achieve FI, there are key sub tasks that contribute, including properties and semi-passive investments, monetizing my strongest creative hobbies, and, of course, my day job.

As life is full of distraction, I’ve come up with “Yes” and “No” lists I’ll test-drive in February.

Say “Yes” to:

  • Self-upkeep (I can keep functioning personally and in society)
  • Strong relationships
  • Keeping in touch
  • Podcasting
  • Property and semi-passive investments
  • 30 minute, high-intensity workouts
  • 30 minute stretches
  • Doing things to sell those things
  • Keeping the day job happy
  • Regular sleep (10 PM to 7 AM, give or take)

Say “No” to:

  • Casual hanging out
  • Clubbing and late nights
  • Gaming, especially if used as an escape
  • Long workouts
  • Anything and everything else

My Goals Due EOM:

  1. Housing
    1. The primary goal. Do every day. See where that leads me. Patience is key here, as though property is of great future benefit, it’s also of the greatest risk of any of the Financial Independence sub-tasks.
  2. Writing
    1. Important, but secondary. Available to do only after I’ve done due diligence to my daily housing task. Getting an eBook out asap may be in order versus closing out my first novel Shallow Seas (though it now appears to be an episodic anthology 😑).
  3. Overtime
    1. I put out a podcast talking about crunch hitting for a project at work. As my job is the greatest gift to eventual independence and the timely success of the project I feel directly impacts my future, I’ll be putting in overtime. Nothing too drastic, as I plan for only 4 hours on the weekend in addition to scaling up my day-to-day grind by a few hours. And it bears repeating that this is temporary, a bit of momentary pain for a future of joy.
  4. Yes and No
    1. This is a passive goal, where I hold myself to saying “yes” and saying “no” to the right things, the important things.

And that’s all I’ll be doing in February. Of course I’ll be sure to have some fun (my birthday is tomorrow 😃), but the month is about work. Work work work. Discipline is the name of the game this month, and I aim not to let my future self down, or break the promises of my current self.

Birthday candles from

You! Reader! Go forth and conquer what in the way to your goals, even if that is yourself. Before you do that though, let me know what you’re getting after in the comments. Cheers!

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