Cast 28 – May June Goals

Note: Due to the circumstance I’m in the middle of a rural community, a community abandoned by its state for a certain amount of infrastructure, this cast will not upload! Until further notice, I’m back to writing vs. speaking every Friday.

Howdy! Lots of firsts with this post:

  • First time writing a post in a month!
  • First post written while protests against police brutality are met with police brutality.
  • First time using WordPress Blocks 💀 (so bad I have to go back to the Classic editor before finishing 😅)

We’ll see how this goes…

May Goal Review

  1. Survive the Journey
    1. Won. A good win, too! There are a few details in the cast yet to be uploaded, though even more will need to make it to another post of my journey across the country with minimal human contact. Suffice to say, I’ve learned a lot on how to live on the road, even during these tougher COVID-19 times.

June Goal Proposal

  1. BITS
    1. BITS, or Body-Interaction-Thought-System. It’s goal is to make many of the math-heavy tabletop RPGs out there simpler. I’d like to publish this to you before June is done.
  2. Mods
    1. Make a board game mod! Or twelve! Already have a Civil War modification in the world for Risk, so we’ll see that before July (with some playtesting, too!).
  3. White Papers
    1. I’d like to get at least one done that’ll involve merging two miniature wargame lines into one. Should be quick to write, though the time will be in the thought.
      Image from
  4. Tabletop RPG
    1. Make a TRPG. Leaving it pretty open to be a oneshot (play the game and be done forevermore) using BITS, translate a game system into BITS, or have something presentable of the BRUTES (working title) smash-and-grab system being tinkered with.

That’s May! This is June! I’ll get you a the podcast episode someday for more.

As for you out protesting,  you are awesome. Stay as safe as you can. Thank you for your bravery; see you on the other side of things! Cheers!

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