Cast 15 – Feb Mar 2020 Goals

Download for the road. (7m 43s)

A combination post! Last month’s goals get addressed, while we set off to conquer March.

Spoilers ahead:

February Goals Reviewed:

  1. Housing
    1. Won. Work towards owning property done every. Single. Day. Get some!
  2. Writing
    1. Won. I came in at the minimum, but a pass is a pass. Housing did take a lot, and I hope to apply that work ethic to my writing as well.
  3. Overtime
    1. Won. Not as much as expected (due dates got pushed), but still an extra 2-5 hours committed every week (largely eaten by meetings 😭).
  4. Yes and No
    1. Won! I tell you how beneficial these lists have been for me in the podcast. Give it a listen to know how much I recommend such things! 😃

On to what counts…

March Goals Proposal:

  1. Housing Round 2
    1. The primary goal. I have done a lot of the leg work required to get started, but now it’s time to close. There’s a lot of risk, so patience is key.
  2. Writing
    2. ARGH 😡
    3. Just…
      1. Just write something.
        1. Put it out there.
          1. Come on, man…
  3. Overtime
    1. Should be the last month of crunch, but we’ll wait to see. For now, 2-5 hours extra will suffice.
  4. Yes and No
    1. Can I keep it up for a second month? I really hope so. Will need to re-evaluate early if certain goals eclipse 😉
Phone lock screen images from Yigit Koroglu and Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team.

And as a reminder, GDC is not happening this March (it’s for the better).

That be that! Let me know what your thoughts on the podcast style are and your own goals in March. Looking forward to hearing about your endeavors! Cheers!

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