June July Goals

Hello, all!

Welcome back and welcome to July! Trust you are healthy, getting wealthy, and wiser than you were ❤

June Goal Review

  1. BITS
    1. Won. The Body-Interaction-Thought System, my “baby” for running table top role playing games. After a number of playtests, partly converting the Warhammer 40K Deathwatch TTRPG, and uncounted hours of study, I have me a decently solid system. I’ll see about posting an Alpha-version of the system (and notes for converting your favorite games to it) sometime in the coming weeks 🙂
  2. Mods
    1. Failed. I have a Civil War Risk mod, but I haven’t figured out the territory bonuses typical for Risk games (eventually this happens). You can see for yourself the map I intend to update and use for finishing this game:

      Civil War Map - BW - Trim - East
      Map of the Eastern Civil War-era United States.
  3. White Papers
    1. Failed. Have notes. Don’t have papers. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Tabletop RPGs
    1. Won. As mentioned, Warhammer 40K Deathwatch and its ilk of like-games has been converted. Simple abstraction, division, and averaging streamline the game to act faster while delivering a similar brutal punch 😎

July Goal Proposal

A caveat before we begin: I’ve been interviewing. Since I take a week to study when faced with these kinds of conversations, time will be taken from goals. I’ll make this up as best I can, though I will limit myself to one fewer goal this month.

  1. Invest in Family
    1. After some sudden family loss in June and with the prospect of having to start work again, I need to not let the opportunity to enjoy the company of these others. Though without much measurable outcome, I will seek to visit my sister, keep up the family estate, learn from my parents, and spend oodles of time with Sandy the lovable cat 😍
  2. Invest in Games
    1. There’s BITS to polish, there are example BITS games to make, there’s Civil War Risk to finish, and a myriad other games I’ve started but have yet to complete. BITS and the Civil War mod will be my priorities to show off in prototype (hopefully Beta-level) form.

      Dice from Pixabay.com
  3. Invest in Investments
    1. Money is the name of the game. It’s the scorecard for my ultimate goal: Early retirement (or, at least the ability to retire). With the stock market doing excellently, I’ll draft the stocks/funds I’d buy if the market crashes like it did in March. If such is the case, retirement will be coming much, much sooner.

June was tough, though progress was still made. As we spike in COVID cases in the US and my time is temporarily taken by interviews, I will meet July’s challenges full force 👍

You rock. Don’t forget that. Stay safe, wear your mask and keep your distance. All the best to you and yours and your goals. Need any assistance with your work? Keep me posted!

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