July August Goal Review

As I write this, outside is 43 Celsius, getting up to 47 during the weekend. (Post’s image applies 💀) Stay safe, y’all!

While I stay out of the heat, let’s get into July’s goals and August’s hopes:

July Goal Review

  1. To Vegas!
    1. Won! Moved in, settled in, and will need to move again. More on that latter part later, but made it!
  2. Map Making
    1. Failed. Does it count as a fail if it can’t be done? The images taken of the map cannot be translated to a digital composition ready for print 🤷‍♂️ However, there was a bonus:
    2. Won! The units that had pictures taken were made into digital, printable version. Drafting these is required to check how they print out, yet August has some time ~ (As for the second bonus listed last month, we will ignore that it was missed.)
  3. As Above, So Below 1-Pager
    1. Won! 1-pager made and reviewed (post to come). The bonuses:
    2. Won! 2-pager is done! With a little art, too!! I am so happy to have these done and down. Yet, there is still the full version of AASB to update … Will I get there any time soon?
  4. Weekly Times Out
    1. Won! Barely. And the last social engagements happen the weekend following this post! But I did it – IDK if I could do it again 😶 Perhaps I stop working on personal projects for a bit, look for some group activities? 🤔 (If you have an idea, reach out!)

August Goal Proposal

  1. Wedding
    1. After declining a wedding years ago that turned out to be one of the worst decisions of the last 10 years, I cannot repeat the same mistake! Will take a week of prep and a weekend, so marking this down here to enjoy my time with the couple 🙂
  2. Unit Counters
    1. From July, I continue the work on the Civil War unit counters. All units, color balanced, and test-printed is the goal here!
    2. Bonus: Get this done by August 9th – going to be a rush, so here’s to it 🤞
  3. 10 Blog Posts
    1. Done this before, aiming to do again – write 10 blog posts, fill out a few months were I won’t need to be occupied with writing. If there is a specific topic you would like to see elaborated on, let me know!
  4. 20 Hours Games / Selfcare
    1. I read an article that struck a note that I ought be protecting time to participate in the frivolous things I once enjoyed. Games would be that, yet also it would be selfcare – bedtimes, setting boundaries, art, those sorts of things. If I make a breakthrough on habit-setting here, I will pass it along!

An aggressive-yet-achievable August to follow a draining-yet-accomplished July. (Maybe it is the heat 🔥) While having failures, the bonuses took the month over the line.

As always, lots of balls in the air: health, work, finance, travel, recreation, relationships, the cornucopia! Here’s to making a lot in the important areas of life, yours and mine. Cheers to it ~

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