Hail to the 2023

Happy 200th post on this site! ๐ŸŽ‰~woot~๐ŸŽ‰

As the year closes on 2022, the world is in economic distress, a war goes on in Europe, COVID lingers in the population, and as is always the case, the future is like a thick fog of uncertain obscurity.

Yet for me, there are friends and family, projects and prospects, travel and time to decide. So I hail 2023 for these lights in the fog:

Work Life

My life, my work.

I have been of a great headspace lately, so I am going to ride this as hard and far as possible. First destination: Treating my ‘projects’ as my ‘products’, my process moved over into a mindset of ‘this is a job now’.

Maybe that will get me across the 90%-to-the-finish line ๐Ÿคž Anyway, have four areas I will be working in:

  1. Writing – I want to write again. I know I can and that I enjoy it. So I shall.
  2. Games – Making these is very fun. I can also churn them out quick in design, playtest, and (hope to prove) publication. Expect more here!
  3. Voice – Again and again and again, my voice and acting are lauded. Time I make something of that, formally honing and offering my talent.
  4. Code – Not to let my software ability wane too harshly, the plan is to study and entertain offers as they come. Seeing as the tech industry has lost over 100K roles in 2022 with dozens of major companies instituting hiring freezes, competition is fierce, and competition is for chumps.


The months I spent on the Adriatic were treasures of my life.

Will other places allow the same feelings? Will I be back in the Balkans or elsewhere? Who will I visit or go with? Can I revisit “Death Walk” places to further clarify who I am?

These are questions left to be addressed, yet how poor a year it would be to negate travel again โค

Yes and No

Say “yes” to spending more quality time with others, on my projects, relaxation and leisure, new experiences, and opportunities to demonstrate my best.

Say “no” to more frivolous requests, anything but the best (top 10%, letting not Good come at the cost of the Great), and barriers internal and external, be they obligations, labors, fears, hesitations, or other ills.

I literally have nothing on the calendar for 2023 – a first as far as I can remember! While freedom is as a blank page – a Schrodinger’s canvas of possibility -, the void yawns in vastness and … halts even my typing for the immensity.

#YOLO, right? No time to hesitate – aggression is called for, even if the choice is calmness. Aggressively calm. Deliberate calm, or action, or anything.

Anyway. These best-laid-plans are a little different than my 2022 expectation-setting, but the direction excites me ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Wish me well in keeping the energy up ๐Ÿ˜

What excites you in the times to come? Celebrate with me – though life might at times be quite the chore, life is Good. Cheers to the wonders you have and seek ~

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Jimmy Chattin

Processor of data, applier of patterns, maker of games and stories.

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