10 Posts 2021

Like in 2020, there have been dozens of posts in 2021.

So many posts cover everything from rewriting the famous Halo video game franchise, my understanding of Truth in our lives and the universe, book reviews, game conversions, game making, new game systems, work, finances, the pandemic, and so, so much more.

I share with you my impressions of the most viewed posts of 2021:

10. Truths About Relationships

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this post struck a number of cords. Loudly.

I have had the opportunity and honor to experience many kinds of relationships from many different folks. I have also the privilege of being highly insightful of patterns. These are the things I have found that hold True for whoever, whenever, wherever, forever and ever.

Give this tenth-most-popular post a read – it will improve your current and future relationships (not to mention perhaps blunt a certain amount of pain).

9. Devaluing Your Worth

There are so many ways to screw up goals, self-worth, life… Devaluing the benefit of your own labor to others is certainly an all too common thing to do 😦

Read to understand your greatest obstacles to attaining what you are worth: Ignorance of your value, anchoring low, not shutting up, and you.

8. A Taste of Digital Nomadism

After two years of the COVID pandemic, I have a large amount of that flying under the social radar to experience life as a digital nomad.

My impressions, my insights, and more. Between the good and the bad of this kind of lifestyle, it might just be the one for you πŸ˜‰

7. #PaidMe2021

A breakdown and normalization of my salary in 2021 (sans the flexible nitty-gritty of stocks, benefits, etc.). Since I am a Senior Software Engineer working for mobile games in Las Vegas, Nevada, this post helps normalize industry and position and cost-of-living to be the same (or at least relatable).

Knowledge is Power. Empower yourself with this post.

6. Pandemic America – Daily Bread

Not sure why this was so popular.

I talk about what was eaten since the Pandemic, its effects. A bit of slice of life ~

5. Truth: Attractiveness

Being attractive is universal in all things. From aesthetics to gravity, reality demands attractiveness.

This is a more complex topic than for this short blurb – arguably for the blog post too – though it should get you asking questions of yourself. And if you act on your responsibility to be attractive? All the better πŸ™‚

4. The Importance of Putting Things in Order

Inspired by a “Death Walk” I take periodically, this post outlines the process.

Time required, subjects to think about, actions to take… Death Walks have defined my life since I started taking them three years ago.

While the Walks often (and likely ought) to bring tears and intense feelings, for me they have been some of the best pieces of clarity of my life. I hope you will find the same ❀

3. The 6-Point Story Structure of Halo

With the massive backlash against Halo 5 and Halo Infinite releasing late 2021, I gave my shot at fixing a series in trouble.

This post was the start, studying the fundamentals of the most successful Halo stories. Found a pattern, wrote about it πŸ™‚

Now it is up to me to experience how Halo Infinite did!

2. The Value of Being a Professional

Tools and rationale I have been using for years. Part of a toolbox that has gained others and I hundreds-of-thousands of dollars over the years. How much more to come?

1. Lasers + Shields = Boom in Dune

Guess what movie came out this year? πŸ˜‚

This post from May 2019 blew up like Dune did. As the most grounded real-life analysis of a sci-fi staple, the eyes on this post are well deserved.

Bonus: Most Viewed

With the Dune 2021 movie released this year, one of my first and one of my most nerdy posts takes the cake for most views this year. Lasers + Shields = Boom in Dune was written in 2019, but oh boy, did it turn my stats on their head πŸ˜…

Check it out! There’s some cool math there. (Spoiler: Dune explosions ought be huge.)

Check the tags, check other posts – I make ’em weekly.

Give me your favorites from this last year. Preferably, something other than mine so I can learn something too πŸ˜‰ Cheers!

2022: Looking Forward

This was written some time ago with higher, more positive feels. With a very recent and personal loss, I am very appreciative of my past self.

That said, I now look for ways to make 2022 a more vivid year. Cheers -

Much like what I did at the end of 2021, here are the things I can look forward to in 2022:

Becoming Cyborg (Maybe!)

No details (yet?). As one of the first things in 2021 I will become a cyborg with mechanical (not just metal or plastic) parts. It will open up whole new vistas of physical and existential possibility, though in as much ought close a few too πŸ˜…

With a change in plans and COVID ruining a lot, I am not a robot yet nor am like to be anytime in the foreseeable future. With more pokes and prods, maybe? Still a little early to tell, but will let on should I get my upgrades 😎

Europe & Abroad

I have a credited ticket from a cancelled trip in 2020. Having gotten my booster and with a sincere hope the EU and other locales can get the pandemic in control regardless of whether I get to visit or not, if borders begin to open, I hope to be through them for a few months πŸ™‚

Publish Games

I sufficed a roadmap for BITS and BITS-adjacent games back in November. If I can be true to myself and focused (despite all else that goes on in the year), you will be seeing at least free and at-cost versions of one if not multiple games. Hope I can count on you to support when the time comes! 🎲🎲


The biggie of goals – Financial Independence. 2021 has been a ridiculous time of extravagant excess in salaries and markets. Will it hold up in 2022? If it does, I will hit a super-duper milestone, a game changer, a fundamentals shift in what I can consider for my life. Here’s to it 🀞

And here’s to so many other good things to come in 2022! Not as many things as last year, though perhaps these are finer foci for my attention. Or I’m just a bit more realistic and/or tired from the surprises and horrors that naΓ―ve me had no idea about in 2021 πŸ™ƒ


Remember: Despite what is seen online and in news and what we talk about on the daily, being alive right now (median and average) is literally the best it has ever been. Ever. Are there injustices and things needing to be better? Yes! That is realistic, to face the facts, so all facts must be appreciated.

Anyway. Do well, and may you feel well doing it 😊 Carpe omnia, folks. Cheers to the new year ~

Can’t Survive Contact With COVID

Plans, that is.

This blog post was supposed to tell about why I’m taking ‘off’ for awhile. Why the last few months (i.e. November, December, January) have had preparations made and the way swept clear.

All that.

COVID has other plans.

I rewrite here because of the news received – the highly-contagious Omicron variant of COVID has laid low staff and facilities in my entire county. No hands to handle, no services to offer.

Now the plan that has been in progress for a year to act on something that I have kept an eye one since I was 17 is indefinitely postponed.

Torn on my feels for this. No negative emotions for the affected staff, but g-dang, this trash disease and those trash people who go out of their way to spread it are just so… frustrating.

Look at me, being polite and all.

* DEEP breath *

Anyway, everything is up in the air. Have to be consistent with my posts, so here goes this.

At least it is only a plan that can’t survive COVID contact. Will be keeping myself in an away from others regardless for a good while.

Get your shots πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰ Wear a mask 😷 Stay in as much you can. Rage against those that bring about the injustice of it all.

Cheers ’til we safely meet on the other side of this.

2021 Retrospective

Looking back, 2021 was a year to last a decade.

Had lots of plans, expectations for the time. Where did it all land?


Came back better than ever. Not to say the city didn’t bring its own challenges, I closed many doors, but opened many, many more.

(Must admit I didn’t spend all my time in Las Vegas – the time away was nonetheless welcome!)


Three for three 😎

Since plenty of folks still have not done their patriotic and humane duty, the pandemic continues to rage πŸ”₯


How the could anyone have expected the treason of January 6th? Its first anniversary we had yesterday by the time this blog goes out!??

Anyway, not a smooth start in the least. Crossing fingers for more of many things in 2022 🀞


I wrote blogs πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Wrote some games too (not half bad, mind you).

No outright traditional fiction though. Do not know when that will come again by itself, as I have taken a fancy to writing roleplaying games now πŸ˜‰

Voice Acting

Got nada. Told plenty of times I had radio voice, an announcer’s intonation. Went nowhere with it.


I got some games in! Not a lot – Prey, Witcher 3, some Halo, a single tabletop game of what I am calling BITS of Mork Borg, and now Battletech.

Relaxation and recreation is now scheduled into my TODOs -> 4 tasks, then a level or hour of a game or other entertainment. 3 tasks on weekends πŸ˜‰ Keeping this up in the new year here!


Financial Independence. The elephant in every room of my life. The keystone to just about everything I do.

2021 has been good to me towards this end. Updated calculations also moved up my RE (Retire Early whenever) by years.

Despite a lot of frustration at some of the things I found myself doing, the work only solidified how ready I am for getting out of the rat race. Must recommend you get into FIRE yesterday, though today is not too late πŸ™‚

Everything Else

Met some amazing (=amazing=) people I could not have anticipated in my wildest scenarios. The great folks I already know have positive and major life changes going into 2022 that I couldn’t be happier for. These people I cannot cherish enough ❀

Skydived (skydove?). Practiced firearms training and shooting. … These fancies were itches I thought I wanted to scratch. What I needed was progress on my BITS games, relationships, and ~chill~.

The more you know 😁

2021’s retrospective does little for how long and chock-full of experience the year really was. Tell me – how did you fare?

See you in 2022, all. Cheers ~

A Taste of Digital Nomadism

COVID smashed the world order and personal schedules last year, and continues to cost the lives of millions.

Not all has been dire. Great opportunity in great disruption, right? The benefit to be since March 2020 has been to explore the lifestyle of digital nomadism.

Here are my takeaways:

The Good and the Bad

Good: Being free of the office is glorious. Only requiring internet, a digital nomad has the world to extend out to (COVID conscious, of course). Flexible hours and flexible locations are benefits folks who haven’t had them before can’t imagine.

Bad: Workplaces tend to substitute for a lot of the social effort a person puts into their groups and friends. Losing that, it behooves a person to not only want to “go out,” but to be militant on having a regular schedule of escaping the home. This can be adventurous, but it demands work.

Good: Digital nomadism has shown me how much can be saved monetarily (I’ll post about the numbers someday). Specifically, Airbnbs are cheaper than rent. Much cheaper. And did I mention how you aren’t tied down to the place by signing away your life and earnings for a year? Nor is a nomad tied down by as much “stuff” that invariably crusts over typical homes.

Bad: Speaking of “stuff,” there is little available to move around. A nomad has at best a laptop computer, a duffle of clothes, toiletries, misc. small papers and electronics, and perhaps a vehicle. That’s it. Digital nomadism is an amazing opportunity to find out what a person can get along without, but that big TV? The favorite couch? The desktop gaming station? The golf clubs? They get left behind or long-termed stored.

Good: The future is yours as a nomad. What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? When to do it all? The immensity of it all can be… let’s say nomads have great powers.

Bad: Yet also great responsibilities come with nomadism. Schedules must be kept, wi-fi attained, social experiences had, and more. A nomad can do what they want, but they need to know what they want then follow through. All this on their own too, as the lack of a “base camp” adds a level of uncertainty to life and strains relationships of all kinds.

Now, I might be missing things from the above. I can do without a lot, and inconveniences I may not consider to be outright “bad,” just something to deal with or go without. And the “good” qualities are largely a point of perspective. Do with that what you will πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

What I’ve Learned

Digital nomadism has been wild, beyond these little words on this blog post.

Regardless of what I have found good or bad about the lifestyle, it has been an experience I cannot regret. The adventure bar none has been well worth missed trips over the last two years. The self-confidence in both my capabilities and what’s possible no matter what happens in the future is beyond value.

All that said, I have learned some important points:

    • If driving while being a nomad, get a vehicle large enough for your sleeping accommodations, preferably a hybrid or electric vehicle so you can run the AC at night for less than half-a-gallon of gas.
    • Rest areas and truck stops are your friends. Not all rest areas are created equally.
    • Airports and public libraries have work-ready wi-fi and charging ports. (i.e. aim not to take time off on travel days.)
    • If you are in no rush, find somewhere quiet in nature to eat and meditate. Otherwise, have some go-to food options that are clean enough to dine on while driving – refrigeration (e.g. car food coolers) is somewhat overrated.
    • Visit people over places. People come with their own places, are someone to share experience with, and as COVID has shown us, may not last as long as places do.
    • Invest in that better laptop computer.
    • Get audiobooks and movies digitally through public library apps such as Hoopla and Libby. These will save your sanity and your back when not having to carry even more things along.
    • Earplugs, melatonin, and an eye mask. Get these and be comfortable sleeping with them. (Earplugs also for long drives and flights.)
    • You need less than you think you do. Less than that.
    • Digital nomadism is largely safe, especially in between cities (rest stops) and being around truckers.

Keeping this short since by the time you are reading this, I’m traveling again!

Clearly I haven’t completely given up on the digital nomadism lifestyle despite the “bad” points above. However, I do need a base camp going into 2022, so it’s about time to “pump the brakes” a little.

Will I find this slowdown sufficient for me? Time will tell. I’ll be a different person in 2022 – the world will be novel too. Regardless of what I do next, having the option to travel and work wherever, whenever is a thought of great comfort.

How about you? Have you traveled on little to far reaches? Have you been on the fence about taking on the nomad lifestyle? I’m happy to hear your stories or to clarify points of mine.

Hit me up! Safe travels. Cheers ~

Pandemic America – Daily Bread

When COVID hit the US in 2020, it changed virtually everything.

For me, a major upheaval happened in diet. From eating multiple small meals a day every few hours, I consolidated. I indulge now in one meal a day.

This is intermittent fasting. In this kind of fasting, a person doesn’t consume calories for at least 16 hours a day (not a huge ask for a typical 3-meal-a-day person who isn’t gorging to the point of bedtime). A faster breaks for about 8 hours in the day, but I?

I fast for closer to 20-22 hours, possibly with a serving-sized pad of grass-fed cow butter at 18-20 hours to fight off any hunger. (This sounds akin to the Bulletproof Diet, though I don’t adhere to its principles per say.) Every waking hour is filled with liters of water and cups of herbal tea to fill in the gaps πŸ˜‰

Not only do I fast for most of the day, I also have moved over to vegetarian fare (butter the exception). After reading Sapiens and other sources of ethical review, I gave up eggs in 2020, closing the last door of flesh-like animal products. On rare occasion a cheese might be had or there is meat product made available by happenstance, but I view these encounters as inevitable and a fine way to gauge how my body reacts to meat anymore!

OK. Fasting, hydration, and vegetarianism. Add in intense resistance and cardio exercise at least 3-to-4 times a week, and I’m =fit=. If this was a more questionable blog, I’d put up pictures 😁 (You might find @JimmyChattin on Instagram and Twitter.)

Strength βœ” Endurance βœ” Speed βœ” Range-of-motion βœ” Physique βœ”

I like to think I’m making up for not competing, a common occurrence pre-pandemic πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

But what did I do differently?

The Noms

Each bullet below is what I’d have at every meal. /Slashes/ indicate I would choose between these foods or sometimes add them together (you know, to live dangerously).

    • ~1 Peeled Organic Carrot (cut into 2-3 inch sticks, 9 sticks)
    • 9-10 Tablespoons Smooth Peanut Butter (~160 grams; Crazy Richard’s only-peanuts brand)
    • 1 Pickle
    • 4 Heaping Tablespoons Nutritional Yeast
    • 8-12 Ounces Cooked Spinach / Broccoli / Cauliflower, or 1/3-1/2 Red or Green Cabbage Head
    • 2 Cups Cooked Quinoa / ~6 Cups Air-popped Popcorn
    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (just pour it on)
    • 1/4-1/2 Cup Walnuts / Almonds
    • 14 Grams 100% Cacao Baking Chocolate Square
    • Spices (cinnamon, peppers, ginger, parsley, hot sauces, etc.)

If I need a snack, I go to my favorites:

    • Kerrigold Grass-fed Cow Butter
    • 6-12 Ounces Cooked Cauliflower w/ 3-4 Tablespoons Coconut Oil, 2 Heaping Tablespoons Nutritional Yeast, various spices
    • 2 Tablespoons Baking Chocolate in Boiling Water w/ 1 Squirt MCT Oil, spices
    • 1 Pure Protein Bar

I sometimes add garbanzo beans, sunflower seeds, someone else’s leftovers, or vices like a handful of peanut butter pretzel nuggets (❀) or Takis (❀❀❀❀).

The Work

Workout, that is.

Really comes down to runs (cardio) and resistance (muscle).

For runs, I used to do longer distances, regularly 13-20 miles. I’ve calmed down since, going for 3-5 miles because it’s so quick. Every-other weekend hikes, dancing, and jump-ropes make up the variety any workout ought to have.

Resistance has had the most evolution since COVID arrived. I used to be all about the plates and free-weights. Now, I’m real big on pushups, pullups, and resistance bands. The bands especially are ~quality~, where I’m even now wearing one around my neck for easy exercise whenever, wherever. (Need to look at getting more / stronger bands at this point – broke my 40#er so only 110#-ish is attainable 😦 )

Extra Help

It takes a village, right? My village includes food, physical excellence, and other necessities.

My supplements include a whole-food multivitamin, B, C, and D vitamin boosters, zinc, and a collagen complex (no kidding, go add collagen to your supplement lineup). There are other bits here and there, but at this point I’m only using up my bulk orders πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Of course, there’s sleep. Blue-light filters, dim light, chilling out, and a regular hygiene routine help settle me down. I read by phone (I know, bad) until I’m really ready, slipping on an eye mask and under a single sheet cover to stay cool. Legs raised, I snooze … IDK. Have to fix my Fitbit Bluetooth connection πŸ˜… Wake with the sunrise despite the mask and earplugs, I sit to write or go for a run!

This is my life, and life is Good.

What are you up to? Seeing my setup, what might need to be tried or improved upon? Looking for advice. Hit me up! Take care and stay safe in the meanwhile – cheers.

Pandemic America – Day in the Life

Life in the United States and the world has been shaken by the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus and the ignorant responses to it. Is still being shaken.

Yet change is on the horizon. I’ve received my vaccine, more folks have or are doing the same. Private and social and professional affairs are in the swing of a new paradigm. Soon there will be a new ‘normal’ with the events of 2020 and 2021 quick to fade away.

Let’s save a sense of what things were like during this (hopefully) once-in-a-century event. Here I share with you my schedule, because it is myself, as we’re both creatures of habit and defined by our actions.


Before we dive, here’s an overview of my stances:

    • Upper-middle-class thought worker with decade career.
    • Ahead financially.
    • Familial support system across the country.
    • No role obligations as guardian or otherwise responsible to others.


There is some discrepancy between the years (it was cushy to collect unemployment through the first year of pandemic).

    • 0700 AM – Wake now or earlier, usually with the sunrise despite an eye mask.
    • 0730 AM – Begin the day’s work. Depending on the month, this would be driving, hiking, writing, reading, studying, or designing.
    • 0100 PM – Possibly earlier, I’d either continue the day’s work or get to chores or working out. Chores tended to be a workout anyway, as I was chopping trees, landscaping, and assisting in construction. Got lean-buff with a push-up routine that broached many hundreds of push-ups in an hour!
    • 0330 PM – Lunch! My only meal of the day (more on this in another post). This one spent with the fam.
    • 0430 PM – Playing a Halo 1:1 game with my dad for three rounds. Some of my most memorable times in 2020 as I was coming to grips with my workaholism and a depression brought on by the constant national news.
    • 0600 PM – Attempt to relax. Journal, respond to social media, etc. Often I’d take again to more work, but I tried to cap it.
    • 0800 PM – Gather up to head to bed by 9 at the latest. Read in bed until kaput.

Weekends and weekdays had no meaningful difference, except mail came some days and Tuesdays had the weekly 0600 AM grocery run to avoid pandemic exposure.


Thus begins: The Day Job. My weekdays:

    • 0600 AM – Wake up, read social media and other channels in bed for about half-an-hour.
    • 0700 AM – Setup for the day. Respond to requests, journal, minor house chores, the works.
    • 0800 AM – Now I’m writing at this time, but for the first half of the year this could be anything πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Sometimes I’d start the day-job early because it was easy to give into the workaholism and I failed to give myself direction.
    • 0900 AM – Butt-in-chair for the work-from-home day-job. May also take this time for appointments because workplace culture didn’t need me to be at attention until 10 AM.
    • 0300 PM – Somewhere around here I’m working out, followed by my once-a-day meal. Often I’d be doing the job while eating, but sometimes I allow myself to relax with something simple, like Netflix or YouTube. Back to the job in one-to-two hours.
    • 0600 PM – If not out by 5, I’d be out about now, give-or-take (written on a day I was out at 0645 πŸ˜‚). Shower if I haven’t yet from my afternoon workout and manage a chore or two.
    • 0700 PM – Aim to relax! I had to schedule leisure in; it got bad. For much of the year I took this time to study code and design patterns.
    • 0900 PM – Bedtime / Writing time. Harder to do the latter when you’re very ready for the former! (Written at 0800 PM on a Thursday πŸ™ƒ)

My weekends consisted of the same wakeup times, though sometimes I’d read for an hour in bed. Weekends were largely unstructured. Possibly get out to a skate park if there weren’t people around, go hiking up a mountain in fair weather, have a run, do chores, etc. Weekends during the 2021 pandemic remain(ed) fairly unstructured, a happy change from years of work-work-work plan-plan-plan.

To you, reader, I trust this is lighter fare than my recent thoughts.

To my future self, I hope this brings back humble memories. You are likely farther than you were when writing this, but even if not, keep going πŸ˜‰

Yep. Definitely a chill post. No worries – we’ll be back to more substantial content in a bit! Cheers till then!

Post Vax Wishlist

After more than a year of global disaster, vaccines are finally being rolled-out en masse! And guess who’s just passed his second-shot two-week waiting period!? πŸ˜ƒ

I’ve compiled a quick list of the things I look forward to doing (safely) after becoming fully vaccinated and humanity maybe learning something from the wreck that has been the COVID response.

If you’ve plans for reintegrating into society, let me know! Always open to sincere suggestions for an experience πŸ˜‰


Even as I write this, picking up one of the top martial arts may be a temporary thing. Despite it being a favorite of fighters such as former Navy SEAL Jocko Willink , it’s very high impact (duh). Later in 2021 I may be advised against more injury-prone training, so we’ll see if I can make and keep a commitment to get my skills honed 😎

Firearm Safety

Been ages since I’ve last shot a firearm, even longer since taking firearm safety training. How to properly handle and use weapons is knowledge I encourage anyone to respect – it’s about time I made sure I lived up to my own standards.


A fully-vaxxed family visit of all members! If a sense of mortality hasn’t struck you during the pandemic, seeing a psychologist is strongly recommended. Having a taste of my own death and the limited time left of others, this is quite an important task.

To make the trip, I’ll have a repeat of the drive in 2020, only without the two week quarantine after! Should be a good time ~


Like above, make time for some of the most quality individuals I’ve ever had the honor of meeting.

Whether the friends come to me, I to them, or new ones are made on the spot, why not spend more time with the best persons? Cali, Portland, Seattle, Utah, Vancouver, Europe, and elsewhere are on the shortlist 😁

(Might finally get to use my cancelled Europe airline tickets from May 2020!)


Sometimes, it’s the little things. Sometimes, those little things need to be put away to safeguard the social contract. And sometimes, the return of those little things can be some of the most cherished opportunities.

I won’t take restaurants for granted anytime again soon, making special patronage to some of my favorite places. If locations have closed, I can finally visit those ‘someday’ eateries to make new favorites!


Dancing! Pool parties! Festivals! Concerts! Competitions! So many things that, once denied, are sorely missed.

Where will I go dancing? Who’s hosting the parties? When are the festivals and concerts? How will I find competitions?

I don’t know how I will celebrate after getting vaccinated and the herd-immunity threshold is hit, but dang it – I won’t be saying “no” to a good time πŸ”₯

Just a few things to aim for, a bit of hedonism when austerity was the rule of the year. Whether or not they make it onto goal lists is another story, but that’s for another month.

Stay safe, y’all! We’re almost there! Get your shots πŸ’‰ See you out-n-about in the world sometime soon! Cheers.

10 Posts 2020

In a first, I’ve posted every week of 2020! #FeelsGoodMan

Out of all of those, I want to share my thoughts on the ten most-eyed posts of 2020 πŸ‘€ What’s changed, what’s the same, you get the drill.

10. Character Sheet Essentials

This is my attempt to boil down characters to the essentials of what needs to be known. A character sheet still needs the four sections “Self, Seem, Story, and Stuff,” but there’s more wiggle room, especially on “Self,” on what a given game IP ought to include.

(Note card-sized sections are pictured for reference.)

9. BITS – The Core Mechanic

My joy of a game system, BITS delivers a faster pace of gameplay, simpler arithmetic, but a thorough set of possible outcomes for any action. Here I talk of the dice, the math, and other factors in resolving conflict in the system.

8. Cast 21 – Tools to Face Uncertainty

Back when I could upload podcasts, I outline twelve actions that remove stress and improve decision making. These are points that are recommended by the best performers and thinkers in our society which I have also tried out personally to great success 😁

7. Cast 12 – Quick Table Top Role Playing Game – 1

My first publication of a tabletop role-playing game. (Check the second part for downloads.)

I’ve come a long way in terms of knowledge and technique for making games (specifically TTRPGs), yet this first system has a special place in my heart β™₯

6. Cast 19 – Virtual Mentors

I go through the folks that I constantly learn from, folks that you can gain from, too!

The cast includes Gary Vee, Timothy Ferriss, Jocko Willink, Jordan Peterson, Paula Pant, and more!

5. Cast 09 – GDC and Crunch

I reminisce about being accepted to the Game Developers Conference (which I later give up my pass) while also facing crunch at work (on a project that later gets culled during COVID).

4. COVID and False Arguments

There are a lot of disgusting, dangerous things being said to downplay or misinform about the current global pandemic.

One hit me so hard on social media it took me days to get over the audacity of it. Then I wrote a blog post in response πŸ˜‰

One thing I’d add to this post: You can’t give someone lung cancer from your lung cancer condition. You can give COVID-19 to another without even knowing you have it. Therefore, this is another point that comparing COVID to other diseases as a means to render mute the concerns (and lives lost) of the pandemic is not just infantile and uninformed, it is dangerous.

3. #PaidMe

Surprised that this isn’t higher. I got on the bandwagon of a summer hashtag that had folks sharing salary in different industries.

I went farther, breaking down role, base pay, take-home pay, inflation to 2020, and normalizing to a national cost-of-living.

Check the data out yourself to have a reference point in your own salary negotiations 😊

2. Trip Across COVID America

I fled Las Vegas to the wilds and eventually the East Coast in May. What’s written retells my journal entries for the trip, including a very eye-opening understanding of poverty in the forgotten, decaying rural sections of America.

1. What Is Your Work Worth?

I wish I had this guide when I started in the professional sphere.

What’s inside is a step-by-step formula to calculating what you ought to be paid along with surefire ranges you must ask for when negotiating pay.

It’s dangerous to go about with ignorance when it comes to money. Take this insight along for the ride.

If you’ve missed out on these crowd-pleasers, it’s not too late! I also recommend checking out the other posts – you’ve plenty of content to gleam from.

What has been your favorite post? Which articles would you recommend I read? Let me know! Cheers to your 2020 wrap-up ~

2021: Looking Forward

As I compose my end-of-year review, I can’t help but to imagine with great anticipation what will happen in 2021!


After spending most of 2020 away from Sin City, I’m headed back and look forward to this warm place of adventure and activity! The plan is to hike for now, and even that socially distanced, though how long may that last?


Social distancing will last as long as there are those unvaccinated against COVID-19. It’s our duty to do so. Luckily, there are recent breakthroughs and the inoculation distribution and protection of the populace may begin as soon as January 20th…


The 20th! When the new administration is sworn in! It bears repeating again that the current administration as this is written has at best abandoned any responsibility towards the American people. Might feel strange to get back to a society-uplifting president!


Hopefully won’t feel too strange getting back to my writing (and publishing!). I’m working on a “Truths” collection right now, though I ache to pen sci fi and horror again πŸ‘»

Voice Acting

I’m urging myself to have a paid voice acting gig in 2021. I have the material, the equipment, the study. Time to put all that to work to prove it 😎 That, and I like the sound of my own dramatic voices πŸ˜‚


Play. More. Games. Ever since university I’ve played few games (analog and virtual) and felt good about doing it even fewer times. Part of my self care in 2021 is to add a salve to that workaholic anxiety by making it a task to take care of myself ~


Of course, there’s financial independence, my highest goal at this time in my life. However, I will be much more =chill= about it than I have been. 2021 is the time to live a little and take life less for granted. (Crossing fingers for a stock market breakthrough, either up or down!)

And those are a few things I look forward to. I dare not hope for travel just yet, though increased sociability after the vaccine and while I begin working on software tools for games again. Regardless, I promise myself and I promise you that I’ll “cut loose” a little more (COVID safe) 😊

What are you looking forward to in 2021? Hopes and dreams and expectations of the world and yourself? I anticipate you too are taking less for granted! Cheers to your end of year ~