Top 10 of 2022

Spotify isn’t the only place for December wrap-ups.

Dozens of blog posts this year, but let me save you the time – here are the top most ‘impressionable’ posts of the site for 2022:

10. Work for Pay, Not Free

A from-the-trenches guide on getting what you are owed, even (or especially?) when your labor is robbed from you.

9. Bringing d100 to 2d6

IDK how this and its sibling dealing with d20s got so popular this year.

The post goes over how to convert d100 rolls into 2d6 rolls, allowing for the qualitative probabilities brought up in games like D&D.

Give it a read – the aim is to make the math simple!

8. Truths About Relationships

One of the most impactful posts in 2021 makes a return.

Reading it again, these Truths hold up and will hold up your relationships, too.

7. The Orc and the Pie Pt. 1 – A Breakdown of RPGs

Another post I cannot explain for coming up in the topmost of 2022.

Originally published in 2019, evidence of how The Orc and the Pie is a pinnacle example of game design is laid out in principles you can apply to your own roleplaying games.

6. Rewriting: Halo 4

Using the proven 6-Point Story Structure of Halo, I add my own flair into how Halo 4 could have been better received as a narrative device.

Read it and tell me: How could the story that was delivered have done better?

5. BITS of D&D

Taking the concepts of D&D, boiling them down, and repackaging into the BITS system.

Lucky me, I am getting to playtest some of this with two D&D groups I moderate for!

4. Rewriting: Halo 5

Oof… Halo 5 was not a well received game – the narrative just plain fails. This post goes into the nitty-gritty of how Halo 5 betrayed the 6-Point structure of Halo story and how to redeem its story sins.

Spoiler: Fixing Halo 5 means rewriting *waves hands at everything.*

3. How to Price Your RPG

Having a mind to start a business earlier this year, I get into the details of how to set up RPGs for sale.

The post shows my data along with the conclusion of how to price a table-top roleplaying game PDF for online distribution.

2. Bringing d20 Poly-Dice to 2d6

Simply put, this is a list of tables converting 20-sided dice probabilities and qualitative probabilities into two 6-sided dice use.

Pretty popular – it will help you in your games too when you might not have a huge set of polyhedral dice just laying around.

1. BITS of Mörk Borg

With the recent arrival of CY_BORG, this post has boomed.

Mörk Borg is a “spiked flail to the face” of a roleplaying game, one of my favorites for its weird embrace of entropy. With a die-20 and a hearty welcome of the apocalypse, I go-over MB‘s features to fit my own BITS system for streamlining of play.

Honorable Mention

Go checkout the awarded set of cataclysms for the Mörk Borg game, too. Lots of internet traffic on the rules, this site and others!

Check out the archives – I post every week on something I am working on. Save some time by checkout out last year’s top 10 and 2020’s best.

Give me your own favorite posts, mine or from another. I am =here= to learn! Cheers to your own gains ~

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