November December Goal Review

November’s goals were lite (read: non-existent 🙃), though certainly the month was not a wash.

December looks to make up as we race to the finish of the year! Check it out:

November Hiatus Review

No formal goals this rest month. Here is what I did instead:

EOY Draft: I’ve gone through my journals and posts, finding major parts of the year and perhaps an idea of ‘theme’ and a very long list of lessons.

Games: 35 hours of video games, 25 hours of D&D -related content, and 0 hours of VR. Feels good to rest like this! BTW, play We’re Really Not Strangers with someone important in your life ASAP.

Moving In: More than a work-week’s worth of time installing, cleaning, updating, and entertaining in my new digs. Learning some cool skills, but will aim to lay-off just a bit.

Taking no credit for any of it nor the suggestions posed last month. That is where December comes in:

December Goal Proposal

  1. EOY Letter
    • Every year I do my retro and send it and a few nifty bits out to close family and friends. This is the most important thing on the list me-thinks, so it gets top recognition and dedication to complete.
  2. ‘Decline’ -cember
    • Going to practice setting better boundaries. Every day I have a ‘No’ token that I must spend before the end of the day, declining to do something I normally would. This extends to any video games I play – ‘no’ to side quests and ‘extra’ content that isn’t the main plot. Wish me discipline 🤞
  3. Mörk Borg Art
  4. 10 Blog Posts
    • Done this before, doing again. Getting blogs up into the new year so it is less to worry about!
  5. D&D +1
    • I am already the Game Moderator / Dungeon Master for a D&D group, but have been invited to GM another group of friends. I like the work, so setting aside time in December to provide the best experiences possible. (If you are looking for holiday gifts, get me a big book of fantasy maps, dungeons, and loot tables!)
  6. Holidays
    • The end of the year means end of the year holidays. This year perhaps may be a trip back to Zion, something for New Years, and definitely dog sitting. Regardless, hedging my bets.

As it is written, so may it be done! I am off to get *waves hands at everything* accomplished.

If you have artists with open commissions who work in the style of Mörk Borg or has examples of the Wild and Weird West, please send us each other’s way.

Stay warm out there, folks. Cheers to your holidays and annual reviews~

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