Cast 19 – Virtual Mentors

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I am a multitude. A legion. I am a bit over everyone and everything that I’ve experienced.

Lego figurines from

Their intelligence, insight, and inspiration have made my life objectively better 😊

This is about those people and things that I continue to learn from every day, things that you too could could add to your squad of virtual intimates.

Here’s a short list of the living mentors I go to for guidance on the daily:

  • Gary Vee – CEO, writer, speaker, inspirational hustler with more drive than you can shake a stick at and aspire to live up to.
  • Tim Ferriss (a chat with Gary Vee) –  Writer, self-experimenter, professional life- and work-hacker; a nice balance to Gary.
  • Jocko Willink – Former Navy SEAL commander, writer, leadership consultant, tea maker, jujitsu artist, and master of getting after it.
  • Jordan Peterson (a chat with Jocko) – At times controversial Canadian psychologist, writer, and current cultural phenomenon.
  • Paula Pant – Financially independent Afford Anything host, humorist, and charming voice for what we don’t talk about in enough detail: money.

(Be sure to listen in for books and historical figures!)

I also highly recommend these folks:

Who do you already follow from on this list? Who are you adding? 🤔 Let me know who your mentors are – I want to learn from them too!

Cheers through next week.

Cast 18 – March April Goals

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It’s that time again 😁 In seriousness, March has been a rocker for the world. COVID-19 has shut down entire countries, killed tens-of-thousands, and forced millions more indoors indefinitely.

I have not been without impact myself, be it a sickness earlier in the month 😷 to now working from home like so many others. It’s affected my goals, too, for March, and brought a… clarity, to my thoughts.

Listen to the ‘cast for more info! As a reminder, my goals for March were:

  • Giving overtime at work
  • Property buying
  • Writing
  • Following yes-and-no lists

For April, we’re going to be taking it a little easier as we settle into this new WFH lifestyle 😶

Stay safe at home yourself! Leave a comment on how COVID-19 has affected you too.

Chat with you next week! Cheers!

Cast 17 – Feeling of Isolation

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Last week I was sick. Before that I was nixing GDC (since cancelled). Now, I realized I was in trouble, so I took care of myself.

Will be taking care of myself.

Before continuing, check out the World Health Organization for up-to-date COVID-19 FAQs!

Listen to the cast to pick-up some self care for yourself 😊

Cast 15 – Feb Mar 2020 Goals

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A combination post! Last month’s goals get addressed, while we set off to conquer March.

Spoilers ahead:

February Goals Reviewed:

  1. Housing
    1. Won. Work towards owning property done every. Single. Day. Get some!
  2. Writing
    1. Won. I came in at the minimum, but a pass is a pass. Housing did take a lot, and I hope to apply that work ethic to my writing as well.
  3. Overtime
    1. Won. Not as much as expected (due dates got pushed), but still an extra 2-5 hours committed every week (largely eaten by meetings 😭).
  4. Yes and No
    1. Won! I tell you how beneficial these lists have been for me in the podcast. Give it a listen to know how much I recommend such things! 😃

On to what counts…

March Goals Proposal:

  1. Housing Round 2
    1. The primary goal. I have done a lot of the leg work required to get started, but now it’s time to close. There’s a lot of risk, so patience is key.
  2. Writing
    2. ARGH 😡
    3. Just…
      1. Just write something.
        1. Put it out there.
          1. Come on, man…
  3. Overtime
    1. Should be the last month of crunch, but we’ll wait to see. For now, 2-5 hours extra will suffice.
  4. Yes and No
    1. Can I keep it up for a second month? I really hope so. Will need to re-evaluate early if certain goals eclipse 😉
Phone lock screen images from Yigit Koroglu and Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team.

And as a reminder, GDC is not happening this March (it’s for the better).

That be that! Let me know what your thoughts on the podcast style are and your own goals in March. Looking forward to hearing about your endeavors! Cheers!

Cast 13 – Quick Table Top Role Playing Game – 2

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Coming hot off last week’s post, here is the second half of the Quick TTRPG (name pending; any suggestions?).

Today we’re getting after the role of the Game Moderator, some general rules for everyone, and background to the system.

Download the action-oriented sheet here.

And here’s the roleplay sheet.

The sheets will be appearing soon! In the meantime, let me know if these suckers print properly – not all printers were created the same 😑

Lots happening towards this month’s goals – looking forward to sharing more news with you in future posts 😁 Enjoy the game! Cheers.



Cast 12 – Quick Table Top Role Playing Game – 1

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When’s the last time you played a tabletop role playing game? A TTRPG? 🤔

How much time did it take to play? How much time did it take to prepare? Do you know? What did the dungeon master do to start the game? Did you feel left out? Did you feel it was slow?

When did you pull out your phone? 🤳🏻

Games can take awhile. long while. 😱

After listening to the concerns of my friends who regularly play and hundreds of hours studying what makes role playing games both fun and terrible, I’ve come up with something quick, simple:

Preview of the Quick TTRPG ruleset.

Meant to be printed front to back on a single page, the Quick TTRPG means to accommodate for two styles of play (Action, Role Play), the roles of every participant (Player, Game Moderator), dice rules (two six-sided), stats (4M System), and the tools used in a game.

Further resources include random tables for both game setup, character creation, treasure, missions, and the Bad Things that happen.

And now, the second half of the review is up! Check it out for some freebies.

I look forward to your thoughts  – please give the casts a listen and the ruleset a glance. Send me your comments to assist in making better games 🙂

Cast 11 – Monthly Goals – February 2020

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Phone lock screen images from Yigit Koroglu and Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team.

February has started with full force! After a humming-and-hawing January, I aim to get after my goals with a vengeance.

But what are my goals? As a reminder, my overarching goal at this stage of life is Financial Independence. To achieve FI, there are key sub tasks that contribute, including properties and semi-passive investments, monetizing my strongest creative hobbies, and, of course, my day job.

As life is full of distraction, I’ve come up with “Yes” and “No” lists I’ll test-drive in February.

Say “Yes” to:

  • Self-upkeep (I can keep functioning personally and in society)
  • Strong relationships
  • Keeping in touch
  • Podcasting
  • Property and semi-passive investments
  • 30 minute, high-intensity workouts
  • 30 minute stretches
  • Doing things to sell those things
  • Keeping the day job happy
  • Regular sleep (10 PM to 7 AM, give or take)

Say “No” to:

  • Casual hanging out
  • Clubbing and late nights
  • Gaming, especially if used as an escape
  • Long workouts
  • Anything and everything else

My Goals Due EOM:

  1. Housing
    1. The primary goal. Do every day. See where that leads me. Patience is key here, as though property is of great future benefit, it’s also of the greatest risk of any of the Financial Independence sub-tasks.
  2. Writing
    1. Important, but secondary. Available to do only after I’ve done due diligence to my daily housing task. Getting an eBook out asap may be in order versus closing out my first novel Shallow Seas (though it now appears to be an episodic anthology 😑).
  3. Overtime
    1. I put out a podcast talking about crunch hitting for a project at work. As my job is the greatest gift to eventual independence and the timely success of the project I feel directly impacts my future, I’ll be putting in overtime. Nothing too drastic, as I plan for only 4 hours on the weekend in addition to scaling up my day-to-day grind by a few hours. And it bears repeating that this is temporary, a bit of momentary pain for a future of joy.
  4. Yes and No
    1. This is a passive goal, where I hold myself to saying “yes” and saying “no” to the right things, the important things.

And that’s all I’ll be doing in February. Of course I’ll be sure to have some fun (my birthday is tomorrow 😃), but the month is about work. Work work work. Discipline is the name of the game this month, and I aim not to let my future self down, or break the promises of my current self.

Birthday candles from

You! Reader! Go forth and conquer what in the way to your goals, even if that is yourself. Before you do that though, let me know what you’re getting after in the comments. Cheers!

Cast 10 – Goals Recap – January 2020

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2001 - Cover
Phone lock screen images from Yigit Koroglu and Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team.

First month of the year is over, and what a ride it was. Out of what was expected for the month, things got out of hand quickly, though in largely good ways.

If you’ve not time for the audio, here’s a breakdown:

  1. Writing
    1. Failed. Only accomplished about 12 hours of my sought for 14 per week spent writing. Of course this could be counted as being leeched off into the Private Goal, but that feels like cheating, especially since I refactored writing podcast scripts to count as writing time. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Housing
    1. Won. Had to do a little mid-month refactoring (this was planned for) on this though. From 7 to 4 hours, I was able to hit this goal very well. I’m in the process of getting pre-approvals for loans – wish me well as I continue to seek property investments!
  3. Private Goal
    1. WON. Overwhelming success. Embarrassingly so, as I didn’t expect such things to happen to such extremes (+451% more time spent on this than planned for). It’s ongoing too, though I won’t be considering it a thing needing goal time.
  4. Leisure
    1. Won-ish. “-Ish” because this feels like a shallow victory 😑 No games played, not really any movies watched… I count reading before sleep a leisure activity, and that alone was able to hit the minimum 4 hours a week. (I’ll be more aggressive on such goals in the future!)

75%. Better than last month, though we can do better. Regardless, I’ve improved my life in the last 30-odd days ❤ How have you gotten closer to your goals? Let me know!